Theodora Ambrosini, Sara Goodson & Travis Land Talk About A Barman’s Aperitif

Theodora Ambrosini, Sara Goodson and Travis Land talk to Close-Up Culture about the upcoming comedy web series, A Barman’s Aperitif.

A Barman’s Aperitif will be released this Valentine’s Day on YouTube. Can you tell us about the project and what interested you in it?

TA: I love supporting my friends projects and I’m leaning more into comedy right now, and I love any chance to play.

TL: The concept is deliciously funny, and a little twisted. And all know “that bar,” so a chance to work on a series about it was irresistible. I had worked with Michael Pierce on one of my projects, and knew most of the cast personally. So when Michael asked me to be a part of it, I didn’t even have to think about the answer. It was also right as things were starting to ease after the pandemic, and I think we were all hungry to perform and create. The shoot was a much-needed dose of humor at a crucial time. 

SG: This was such a fun project to be a part of together with some of my favorite actor colleagues here in San Diego, and of course our amazing actor/director/producer/writer, the infamous Michael Joseph Pierce. 

What can you reveal about your character?

TA: My character is a flirt, and loves a good time and to connect with people- but things don’t always go as planned.

SG: How often do we get the opportunity to play an alcoholic, wee bit trashy, cougar, dragging young people in your care with you into seedy bars, giving them cigarettes to occupy them, while you enjoy a cocktail or 10 in the hopes of finding a willing victim to wake up next to  the next morning.

TL: In some cases, there’s more than meets the eye with a character. In the case of mine, there was less. He’s a bit of a legend in his own mind, when in reality, he is just being controlled (and often embarrassed) by his girlfriend. He’s sweet, but simple.

The series was filmed entirely on an iPhone. How did you find that experience and the shoot in general?

TA: I respected our team’s dedication to high quality work within the limits of an iPhone. The sense of safety, teamwork and camaraderie were present, and it was a fun set.

TL: The shoot in general was beyond fun, and I think much of the comedy will come from the pure enjoyment of the actors and our chemistry as well as the writing. As a cinematographer myself, I know how the presence of large cameras can alter a performance. Shooting with an iPhone relaxes the cast, and leaves us free to perform. Plus, just as a Red, Sony or Blackmagic has a “look,” so does an iPhone. That look fit perfectly with the subject matter and the tone of the series. 

How much fun did you have working on a comedy like this?

TA: It was great to push my limits and see how far we could take it! To have a nice laugh, support artists, and to explore the fun dynamic of several overlapping stories at once!

SG: I love that each of the 6 episodes is an arc with a beginning, middle and end. They each tell their own liquid laden tale! Michael filmed every episode with an iPhone, impressive right!

TL: I had been working on a very heavy project at the same time, so the chance to laugh and play a lighter character was a welcome change. On set we had an absolute blast. The cast and crew were talented and delightful to have on set.  I can only hope Michael will make season two!! 

Why should audiences check out A Barman’s Aperitif this Valentine’s Day?

TL: Because what gift is better than laughter?!  Besides, if you want or need to feel better about your relationship, this show will definitely give you some perspective.

SG: In the crazy world we live in we all need some light relief, so tune in to A Barman’s Aperitif this Valentine’s Day!

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