Michael Joseph Pierce On His Role In Dognapped: Hound For The Holidays

Michael Joseph Pierce joins us on Close-Up Culture to chat about his role in Dognapped: Hound For The Holidays.

When an egotistical social media influencer’s dog is kidnapped, her long-suffering assistant teams up with charming local vet to find the puppy before Christmas. As the two investigate suspects, they form a romantic bond along the way.

Dognapped: Hound For The Holidays is airing on ION Television this December. What drew you to this Christmas project?

Acting in a Christmas TV movie is a big deal. They are usually made during the summer – in my case it was in LA during a heat wave. Everyone (cast and crew) is excited because it’s a Christmas film, and there are trees and lights and prop gifts. It’s magical to participate in, and the turnaround is fast, usually a few weeks and it goes into post production.

This film was made for ION TV. They have whole slew of Holiday films they produce each year along with Lifetime, Hallmark and GAC Family. So many are made each year, it’s a strategy that many production companies use to theor benefit for the end of the year, producing Holiday films for TV. Plus the films tend to be on repeat during the Holiday Season, so the opportunity is great, PLUS there was a dog in this film, AND Vivica A. Fox was in the film.

What can you reveal about your character, Griffin?

Ah, Griffin. He is not who he seems. I loved this role. He was so much fun to play.

How much fun did you have playing Griffin and filming this Holiday film?

I had the opportunity to be directed by Fred Olen Ray, who has a huge list of Christmas films under his belt. Plus he has written a book about how to write the perfect Christmas film. That was a big deal for me, working with him. Additionally, I had some really fun scenes, one in particular, I won’t divulge, but it was super fun with the actor Noah Fearnley. Kimberley Dawn Guerrero and Sara Ball, I had some fun meaty scenes with each of those actors, as well.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Oh boy, I don’t have one but several, and for different reasons. “White Christmas” is my absolute Favorite and I watch it every year, sometimes during the year if I am having a bad day, because it always cheers me up. Watching Bing and Rosemary and Danny and Vera-Ellen sing ‘Snow’, ALWAYS makes me feel better.

I am also a sucker for “A Christmas Story”. I never miss it during the holidays. And finally, I am really partial to a made for TV Christmas film, called ‘The Christmas Card” with Ed Asner. I remember seeing it for the first time, and many years after and realised that this was produced by Hallmark Channel for the annual Christmas film formula. I still watch that film to this day.

What have you got lined up for 2023?

Thank you for asking. This past summer, I worked on the film, “Unfrosted” for Netflix, directed by Jerry Seinfeld. I play General Mills in this film and have a really fun scene with Jerry Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Jim Gaffigan, plus a few other scenes. I am excited for its release on Netflix in 2023.

Additionally I have two features being released in 2023 that I worked on this year, “A Lions Game” and “Road to Terzetto”. I also have a pilot I worked on for Showtime, called “Coercion” that stars Sydney Chandler, that should also stream in 2023.

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