Gregory Yuan & Hunter Tabiendo Preview A Barman’s Aperitif

Gregory Yuan and Hunter Tabiendo stop by on Close-Up Culture to preview the upcoming comedy series, A Barman’s Aperitif.

A Barman’s Aperitif will be released this Valentine’s Day on YouTube. Can you tell us about the project and what interested you in it?

GY: What interested me in the project was the simple premise of essentially The Office but set in a bar; with comedic skits and an actual informational section on creating drinks it seemed like a killer idea!

HT: Barman’s Aperitif is one of those comedies that is made from experience. Experiencing great drinks, watching crazy stories happen at the next table over and knowing some great people to go drinking with through the years. The biggest thing that interested me in working on this script was Michael Pierce himself. He was always so powerful and inspiring to watch in the acting class we attended that the moment he asked me to join him on this I knew I had to make it work.

What can you reveal about your character?

GY: My character is someone who was once at the “top of his game” as a single bachelor who is now struggling to simply be competent as a new father.

HT: My character is one of those guys who is comfortably in a rut. He is unafraid of any change and just looking for a good time.

The series was filmed entirely on an iPhone. How did you find that experience and the shoot in general?

GY: The experience of shooting solely on an iPhone was an interesting one for sure, it made for quick and easy setup for shots.

HT: The iPhone is fascinating to work with because it is so flexible to work with and still reliable for the quality of shot it can give you.

How much fun did you have working on a comedy like this?

GY: Being on set was a blast! The cast was incredibly talented and I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics and comedy that the relationships of the characters built.

HT: This kind of comedy is amazing to work on because it lends to just being so free and creative on set. One of the biggest challenges was making sure I didn’t get lost watching my costars killing right in front of me and remember my cue.

Why should audiences check out A Barman’s Aperitif this Valentine’s Day?

GY: I think a big pull of A Barman’s Aperitif for Valentine’s Day is that it’s a short format comedy that’s sure to bring laughs and just a bit of heart.

HT: Audiences should check out A Barman’s Aperitif this Valentine’s Day so that the next time they go out drinking they can go out with some stories, some knowledge about what they’re ordering and a have good time watching show made with love and laughter.

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