Close-Up: An Interview With A Barman’s Aperitif Star Sara King

Actress Sara King speaks to Close-Up Culture about her role in the upcoming web series, A Barman’s Aperitif.

A Barman’s Aperitif will be released this Valentine’s Day on YouTube. Can you tell us about the project and what interested you in it?

This wonderfully silly series is about a college student who just wanted to get a good grade for her school thesis paper. But little did she know she would have to put up with a lot more than what she expected….. in some of the best ways. Working on a project like this, being able to work with peers whom you admire and trust is truly an opportunity you would not want to pass on. And the script was okay too I guess…. Just kidding. But seriously, a very talented cast and crew working with a very talented writer… it just makes sense.

What can you reveal about your character?

I don’t want to give too much away, but what I CAN say is that she is desperate. Not THAT desperate…. I mean she still has SOME dignity. But she can’t help and be amused by all the interesting people she’s come to meet. She wants that good grade but honestly…. I don’t think this is something she will ever want to forget.

The series was filmed entirely on an iPhone. How did you find that experience and the shoot in general?

Being able to shoot good quality footage with your phone is boggling because it makes it so much easier! It’s incredible that that’s doable now & for that I am forever grateful that I won’t have to spend hundreds on a camera to make myself look good. But having Michael as our main man, it was nice to know that we were in good hands. Every shoot day was such a blast. I wanted to be there from the very beginning to the very end. Even if I wasn’t needed. Plus, everyone is such a hoot. On and off camera.

How much fun did you have working on a comedy like this?

Working on a comedy like this was truly something special. Being able to bring this fun script to life was such a treat. Every chance to create a new character is a gift, as well as meeting new people, working with those I admire and respect as actors, and being able to learn from them as well. I am forever grateful for this opportunity & I cannot wait to see it come together! I wish there were more seasons because I would be back in a heartbeat.

Why should audiences check out A Barman’s Aperitif this Valentine’s Day?

There’s no other way to say you need to watch this series, aside from…… you absolutely need to watch it. So much love was put into this project and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about right? So I think everyone should share their love and support because I think you will honestly love these characters. See?! So much love. You’re missing out if you don’t.

Prior to the interview, show creator Michael Joseph Pierce revealed how Sara ended up in the series: “I had already written five episodes and had cast this series. Sara was an actor in one of my acting classes and reached out to me and asked if I had any other parts or needed assistance. So – ironically – I had not written a character for the “Producer”. I was just going to use voiceovers off camera to assist in driving the series along. So I told her that there were very few lines but asked if she would be interested in that role and she agreed. So ultimately I wrote that part bigger, into several episodes and gave her a backstory and the whole series a backstory of her “hooking up” with one of the servers, Kealoha, and that is how she got her foot in the bar to do her college thesis film about the drunken bartender. It is what made me also write episode six, so I could wrap up that and all storylines. It was serendipity. She ended up being the second lead and the protagonist of the story.”

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