Close-Up: An Interview With Global Music Star Savannah Clarke

When we last spoke to Savannah Clarke, she was a promising performer with over 48,000 followers on Instagram.

Nearly four years on, Savannah now has over 4 million followers and her many incredible talents are celebrated around the world. We are excited to welcome Savannah back onto Close-up Culture to discuss her inspiring journey and what is still to come.

Hi Savannah, welcome back to Close-Up Culture! Since we last spoke, you’ve joined the global pop music and dance group Now United. How are you finding life?

Life is definitely at a much faster past since 2018! In 2020 I was flown to LA to audition for the group, met with Simon Fuller, and now I represent Australia in a global pop. Still feels very surreal! 2 years later and it didn’t feel like the pandemic really slowed us down. I just finished on my first Tour around Brazil and Portugal called the ‘Wave Your Flag Tour’. Probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

You’ve won, and been nominated for, numerous prestigious titles including Aussie Legend of the Year and Global Music Star. What’s your proudest achievement over the past few years?

Yes! Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards definitely came as a surprise. Winning Aussie legend of the year in 2021 and now again 2022 was a huge achievement for me . As a kid I always watched Nickelodeon and now having a blimp sitting next to my bed, feels pretty cool!

As for Global Music Star Nomination, I was against artists like Taylor Swift and BTS. It was a complete shock to me. Just to be nominated right beside my biggest idols was a dream! It’s crazy how only in 2 years things can change drastically. I just feel so honoured!

These are definitely some of the achievements I hold with pride. But the biggest one would be joining a global pop group. Now United has really changed my life, and our fans the Uniters who have supported me and taken me in, very quickly. I would love to thank you with my whole heart because these achievements are also yours, I wouldn’t be here without their help.

You’ve continued to do lots of travelling, with trips to Dubai, France, Portugal and Mexico. Can you share some of your favourite travel memories with us?

Just to have the opportunity to travel during these times was a privilege. Portugal was very special because it was my first time in Europe. Portugal is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve been too! Recently I travelled to a new city in Portugal called Porto. I loved it! I went with another member of the group Josh Beauchamp. We just travelled around the city on electric scooters to fun cafes, monuments plus meeting fans all over. It was a fun quick trip.

Recently being on tour in Brazil, I got to see lots more beautiful cities. I remember one time before a show, a few of the members and I snuck to the beach, as there were fans outside of our hotel. I felt like it was a big mission just to go for a swim!

We got to the beach and we played soccer with the locals of Recife, ate açai on the beach and swam in the warm water. It was definitely a very cool experience before performing a show that night! I’ll never forget it!

Travelling around the world is now my favourite thing to do! It kinda feels weird being back home in Australia now. I just can’t wait to get back on the plane again, off to our next destination for new and exciting projects!

It’s been amazing to see you become a global star in such a short period of time. What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learned in the last five years?

My biggest life lesson is to work hard and don’t take things for granted because you never know what opportunity will take you to a new place or experience.

Since I was a kid I was always taught to stick in my own lane and work on my goals and never deviate with all the noise. When I was much younger I use to really care about what others think, but now I’ve really had to learn that you can only do what’s within your control. And work on YOU! You can’t always make everyone happy.

I also believe supporting others is so important! Especially in a group like Now United, every one is unique and special in their own way. And we should always celebrate other peoples achievements, to help each other grow.

I definitely think there is so much more I need to learn and grow from not only as an artist but as a human being. And I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me!

If we were to interview again in five years time, when Close-Up Culture turns ten, where would you hope to be in life?

Wow! In five years time I hope to have reach goals that I never thought I could reach. And touch peoples lives across the world whether that’s through music, acting, dancing… honestly anything!

I hope to be performing around the world, making music and doing even bigger things. Just trying to manifest anything possible Even to be in love! Haha!

And lastly, do you have any upcoming projects or ambitions to share with us?

Yes! There is always something big going on with Now United. Simon has a very big project happening which is underway. Can’t say what it is but I know the fans will absolutely love this one. There is definitely talk about the new countries we are visiting later on this year. So that’s something to look forward to.

And recently before coming home after tour I recorded a new song ‘Avalanche’ in LA. This song I believe is very different to what our fans usually hear and I can’t wait for them to feel something new from now United’s music.

Thank you so much Close-Up Culture! It was a pleasure being able to talk to you again. I’ll see you in a few years!

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