‘Life Is About Creating’ – An Interview With Savannah Clarke

WITH almost as many talents as she has Instagram followers (over 48,000 and counting), Savannah Clarke is certainly a young talent to place in the ‘one to watch’ category.

Close-up Culture’s James Prestridge caught up with Savannah to learn more about her passions and what inspires her.

Q: You recently showcased your voice with a cover of Calum Scott’s You Are The Reason. Why did you chose this song?

A: I have grown up singing ballads and have always been drawn to something I can play on the piano. This particular song by Calum Scott has lyrics that are heart-wrenching and powerful. Having a connection with someone is probably one of life’s treasured moments. This song explains all those reasons when we lose someone, all those beautiful feelings and the longing to be with someone special. You are the reason.

Q: You’ve done some great covers in the last few months. Do you feel you are growing in confidence to one day start writing and performing your own music – and perhaps doing so live?

A: I have been writing with Robby Desa for the past year and bit. When I first started writing my confidence wasn’t there, however I have had great encouragement from the artist studio team. I am definitely growing with each day of song-writing and I have a few up my sleeve now.

To share your songs you are really sharing another part of your life and what is going on inside. I think that time is not too far away – so stay tuned and I’ll work harder to get these songs of mine out there!

Yes, I would really love to perform them live one day. Definitely a dream of mine.

Q: Your career as an influencer and a model allow you to travel all over the world. What do you love about this lifestyle?

A: I wish I was able to travel a lot more. I have a lot commitments here in Australia with modelling and mentoring from photographer and social media guru Marius Luppino, developing my craft in acting with David Cuthbertson and vocal training amazing mentors Rebecca Tapia, Michelle Barr, Lucy Bailles and Erin Clare. The Village Nation for dance. These are the people who mentor and inspire my everyday.

My lifestyle has to be spent creating. As an influencer I have a lot of followers from the USA, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and England – just to name a few. I would love to visit these countries soon. My followers share amazing things about their country. I very blessed the world has opened up through travelling and social media. I have a lot of photographers ask me to photograph in some amazing locations. These will slowly grow with time. I love travel, exploring and all the beautiful cultural things that come with that. One of the greatest perks of modelling, is definitely the lifestyle.

Q: What is your favourite location to visit and why?

A: I love Bali. It is close to Australia and whenever I go here its a holiday and a break from my busy lifestyle. The Balinese people are so kind. I love the Asian food too. The lifestyle is like no other. I am a water person so that is where I spend most of time in the sun or exploring on a motorbike. It feels so free and has no time schedules.


Q: What do you feel makes you so successful as an influencer?

A: When I first started I thought I had to work out: who am I to my audience? I have so many avenues with singing, dance, acting, modelling and artwork. Everyone said you need to choose one so people will know who you are. Well all of these things are me. So you will find a great variety. I realised just be true to yourself and nobody can be you!

I love the creative side of social media (taking the photos, coming up with ideas and videos) it feeds that artist side of me. Most of all, it is the people who visit my page.Engaging with my audience is important. Well it is “social” media. I try to treat  social media like it is a good friend that you love sharing things with. It is like having a long conversation. Be consistent and be you.

I have learnt so much from people on my page who share their creative things, music and ideas. My life is definitely richer. I’m still learning about me. So join me and we can learn together. My audience always have a quote and usually it is relevant to what is going on in my life or my daily photo. I think its important to be consistent with posting. I think all these things make a successful influencer.

Along with being an influencer comes those amazing perks and events. Yes, we definitely love those. Great social events, getting to eat amazing food, and those amazing products and fashion items. You’ll find them scattered over my page.

Q: Who are your idols from the worlds of fashion, music and film?

A: Wow, this changes every day! In terms of fashion, it definitely has to be my mum – even though I don’t always admit it to her. She has an amazing way of putting things together and loves pushing boundaries.

I’m still learning about my style, but I usually feed off the way I feel. One day I can be a rock chick, the next minimal, then sporty, punk glam or even red carpet. We are very blessed with fashion. Other fashion icons are labels such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Chanel, Balmain, and the list goes on.

I recently attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Sydney. My favourite show was the new up-and-coming fashion designers. I loved the Innovators Show. They were definitely pushing the boundaries and slightly avant-garde street style.

I love magazines (like Vogue and Rush) and learn from them everyday. Online, Instagram accounts are a great source of inspiration and the already successful models and influencers around the world. Also the everyday Instagram community. You guys are insane with what you are coming up with in your posts. Keep creating! That what I like best, a world of art.

At the moment, in terms of music, I have been exploring new indie artist such as Vera Blue, Billie Eilish, Astrid and Troy Sivan. The world of music keeps evolving and changing. But what teen girl doesn’t love Shawn Mendes? I’ve just learnt two of his songs – Mercy and In My Blood. Both play on the piano and they definitely pull those hearts strings. Now I just need to get tickets when he hits Australia!

Ariana Grande and her voice! I love what she is doing in the industry. Boy, can she imitate other artists to perfection. Next week, I could be onto someone totally different. Music is a big part of my life – not only as an artist but as a dancer.

I also go to musicals in my spare time. At this stage, Beautiful: The Carol King Musical is my favourite musical, followed by The Book of Mormon which I saw just last week. I could go and see it again. After having the privilege of playing the role of Louisa in the Gordon Frost Production The Sound of Music, I have great respect for these talented artists.

For film, I think Millie Bobbie Brown in Stranger Things has set the bench mark for new and up-and-coming teen actresses. Australian actress Margo Robbie is just wow – her performance in I, Tonya!

I am also inspired by the actors and actresses I work with everyday. They keep pushing me to be a better actress and dive deeper to find the truth and honesty of a character. Oh, and the filmmakers and writers creating these stories and bringing them to life. The world is a better place when we can get lost in movies.

Q: What are your ambitions moving forward?

A: Everyday I am asked whether I want to act, sing or dance? Just recently, at the MTV Awards, J Lo gave this speech and said she was asked exactly the same thing her entire life. Her answer was ‘why not?’ and ‘why can’t I do everything?’ – that is my answer. I am young and, if its involving anything creative, I want to be apart it. Life is about creating.

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  1. This is one talented girl and definitely one to look out for. Can’t wait to see what evolves. Love her view on creating and giving back to this world.

  2. Happy to see her get some recognition, she is the Kindest, most Talented and Smartest person (that i wished I knew) 🌹 glad to be her FAN

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