Luis Deveze On His Quirky Character In All Sorts

Actor Luis Deveze chats to us about his role in All Sorts and his other exciting upcoming projects.

All Sorts will screen at the Raindance Film Festival in London. What excited you about being involved in this project?

Very Happy to be part of this important film festival. It means it was not a mistake to take this accidental and beautiful path.

The character of Vasquez was the most exciting thing about being involved in this project. When Rick sent me the script and I read it; I could feel the FUN and JOY I was going to have if given the opportunity. At least I was going to take the chance and have a lot of fun in the audition. I suspected that if I could pull off this challenge, I could contribute to make this film a special one.

Vasquez, the boss at Data-Mart, sounds like an odd and entertaining character. Can you tell us more about him and what he was like to play?

He is definitely “out there”. And although he can be “very demanding”, he’s also very sincere and innocent. It was a delight to play this character! It is a fun and “innocent” comedy, and playing Vasquez was a BIG opportunity to put my comedy chops to work… and a BIG challenge as well. I think it came out alright.

From Bill Lumbergh to Michael Scott, we’ve seen many peculiar and memorable bosses portrayed on the big screen. Did you draw inspiration from anyone, fictional or not, when playing Vasquez?

Hmmm… I have to confess that I’m not very schooled in matters such as knowing much about other actors.

Although I have a few that I can identify pretty well, I do not recall the ones you mention, which does not necessary mean I have not watch their work. I also have not met a person like Vasquez in my life, but I am pretty sure I have seen enough awkward characters portrayed in movies or maybe plays from which I could have followed “some advice”. But also, once you understand a character in your mind, you can let yourself be guided and explore the mysteries of the mind.

What will be your biggest takeaway, or favourite memory, from working on All Sorts?

The opportunity to play such a fun character, and the positive reception that has had so far.

Have you ever worked an office job?

Well… I worked for about a year (a few days a week) at an accountant firm in México. It was nothing like Data-Mart, and not as exciting either. One time I got invited to a convention related to getting better in your business blah blah blah; and I remember pretending to have been hypnotized so I could go on stage with other “hypnotized” people. It was fun.

Do you have any other upcoming projects or ambitions you’d like to share with us?

I am about to launch internationally (except the US and Canada) another film that another pal and I co-created years ago. It’s a comedic romance with a little bit of drama that takes place in Tijuana, México; where I play the lead.

The film is called FELIZ AÑO TIJUANA aka HAPPY NEW YEAR TIJUANA. Hopefully it will be available in the UK soon. We also just wrap production on my directorial debut this past weekend. It’s feature film about the story of a successful actor in LA, and what happens to his life when things make a 180 degrees turn. VERY EXCITING TIMES.

See All Sorts at the Raindance Film Festival

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