Eli Vargas Talks All Sorts, The Office And Ironing Toast

Actor Eli Vargas stops by on Close-Up Culture for a quick chat about All Sorts.

All Sorts will screen at the Raindance Film Festival in London. What drew you to this story and how did you get cast for the lead role?

I was drawn quickly to this. I like who I’d work with. I had a call about the project. I auditioned, met Laura, Mihiri, spoke to Rick and…yeah I knew I’d like everyone else.

The film follows your character’s journey as he begins a job at the strange land of Data-Mart. How did you connect with Diego and the journey he goes on in this film?

I imagine any new job feels similar, and it helped that I’ve had to sleep in a car.

Data-Mart is the surreal setting for this film. What was the strangest fun thing you had to do during the shoot?

Definitely bathing in a container and ironing toast

I’ve watched some BTS clips online and this looked like a really fun, close-knit shoot. What did you enjoy most about working on All Sorts?

What I enjoyed most: oof, ping pong, wheelchair balancing, karaoke, music video nights, finally seeing Rick relax, Dubai talk, playing rock paper scissors, I took some canvas from the filing showdown scene, I’d learned the phrase “Bird in your Pocket,” silly walks, crunching snow, flutes.

All Sorts isn’t the first time you’ve appeared in an office-based project. What are your memories of being on The Office (US) back in 2013?

The Office was sticky. We had three outfit changes and it was a mission to get the milkshake through the drive-through window. I don’t think Rainn Wilson wanted to throw a milkshake at me.

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