Close-Up: An Interview With All Sorts Actress Greena Park

Actress Greena Park joins us on Close-Up Culture to speak about her exciting role in All Sorts.

The film tells the story of a lonely data entry clerk (played by Eli Vargas) who finds himself in the strange office of Data-Mart. There, he meets June (Greena Park), an incredibly fast filer. Together they journey into the underground world of championship folder filing, where it’ll take everything to make it to the top, alphabetically speaking.

You can see All Sorts at the Raindance Film Festival. More info

Can you tell us about your character, June, and what you found interesting about playing her?

June, she looks like a deer on the outside, but she’s a tiger on the inside. In the United States, it is expressed as a sheep on the outside, but a wolf on the inside. In the East, it is a deer that hides tigers, and I think that’s more right.  And the process of her slowly finding herself felt strongly attractive. It seemed like she was fighting against something, but that was not against something, it was trying to show the tiger inside her.

You’ve worked with a diverse range of directors, in a diverse range of genres. What was it like collaborating with Rick on this project?

For me, every moment I entered the set, I felt like the whole world was together. We all focused every moment together for one. I don’t think there will be a scene where every moment is as touching as this movie.

Rick has always been our coach and comedian. He led everyone to dream more. He woke up my brain with his jokes so that I could be more June.   

What did you enjoy most about working on All Sorts?

Almost everything. The best of all is my love, Yakima! It is the hometown of my heart after filming the movie. When we filmed with numerous extras, everyone shouted JUNE YUN!!! I’ve never received so much support in my life. I convey my love to the people of Yakima.

What was the most challenging part of working on All Sorts?

Of course, I had to organise the files quickly and practice, and once Rick brought some boxes to my accommodation. There were numerous files in it, and he said with a smile. It’s for you, practice. Hahahhahaha.

And personally, conveying emotions in English.

You’ve got a background in ballet, martial arts, dance and much more. It seems like you can do anything! What type of roles would you love to take on in the future?

I want to challenge the action noir. It’s a cruel and harsh action genre.

You’ve been a part of incredible projects in South Korea and are now doing award-winning work in the US. What are the differences for you between working in South Korea and the US?

Of course, being able to work with a variety of people. We are from different cultures, but everyone works together  for one purpose. Making a movie.

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