Watch Movies To Improve Your Writing Skills


If you are a huge movie fan, then pull up a chair as you are going to get surprised. Have you ever given a thought to the fact that you can write better by just watching movies? If not, then this article is just for you, so, let us talk about movies!

Study the Pacing in Movies

This technique can be applied to books too. However, it is much easier to watch and consume a movie in two hours. Another benefit is that there are less subplots. So, whenever you are watching a movie, try to ask yourself many questions. For example, try to think about when the main character was introduced. You can also keep the check of the sequence in which different events take place. Then there is the climax. Try pointing out the negative aspects too. You can notice when you lose interest in the movie. This will be a boring part. The writer must have left this out because this is when the viewers’ zone out of the movie. The goal should always be to keep your audience engaged in the plot. Now, I am not telling you to take out a writing pad while you are enjoying a movie. Try to make mental notes. This will keep your memory sharp and stop you from getting distracted during the movie. Remember, you are using movies for essay writing. Try to watch them with 100% attention. If you are planning on making a resume for a writer’s job, then buy resumes online. This will save you much time.

Outside of Your Genre

It is okay if you are watching movies that belong to the genre that you like. You can get many ideas regarding the plot, the characters, the setting, and plot twists. Though you can get a multitude of ideas, it is still not what you should be doing as a writer. It is time to burst that bubble of comfort! Try to go to genres that are new to you. If you are a fan of horror or thrillers, then try watching some romantic or drama movies. This will nudge you over the cliff of your old, boring writing style. You will explore new ideas that will help you in writing plots that you never thought of before. Writers must be all-rounders. This is because a story can become very dull if it has one element only. You can provide multiple angles by combining two genres to make it enjoyable. Most people miss out on these tips for improving writing. However, now that you have been told this, you must not ignore this at all. This will equip you with new and unique techniques of storytelling.

Real Dialogue

Imagine sitting in a cinema, and there is an intense scene going on. However, the dialogue delivery is inferior. You will not only zone out of the movie but will also be cringing at the entire thing. Writers struggle a lot with writing dialogues. Some masterpieces are known for flawless dialogues. Then there are some flop movies with the worst dialogue deliveries in history. Not only does the dialogue not go with the situation, but the character who is delivering it is not doing it justice. To really nail a dialogue, try to imagine a real conversation. By imagining this, you will not write content that does not go with the situation. A real starting point can be “movies.” Watch the famous ones and watch the ones that have the lowest ratings. Try to spot a difference between them. In this way, when you are writing, you will try to create a flow between words and not make the mistakes that the writers of flop movies made. Try to bring cohesion in the dialogues. Avoid being wordy or redundant when writing. A dialogue loses its impact if it is overly wordy and if it is restarted again and again. Take the example of the famous scene from “People versus OJ Simpson”, the dialogue was “If it does not fit, you must acquit”. This was quite powerful on its own. Try going through a list of famous dialogues to improve writing skills.

Improve Your Memory

Like writers, the movie directors struggle to make their movie into a memorable experience. Their aim is that the dialogue and visuals used throughout the movie stick with you. In this way, if they come up with a sequel or there is a movie from the same director, you will be tempted to get the same experience again. Due to such experiences, some websites are solely dedicated to movie dialogues. Whenever there is a blockbuster, you will find its quotes in all shapes and fonts on your Instagram account. Take the example of “La La land”. You might have come across that bench with a couple on it, the girl wearing a yellow dress, dozens of times. This will get you tempted to watch it for the second time. The same goes for books or pieces of writings. You can go through a movie review example and check out the scenes that make it so memorable. Try to mimic such scenes in your writing until you become natural. There will be a point that you will be able to nail such scenes in no time.

Stunning Visuals

One of the best tips for improving writing is to nail the description of os scenes. It helps the reader visualize the entire setting. Many people describe almost anything using the same old works, such as “Awesome” and “Beautiful.” When you watch a movie, try to see the details in the background. In this way, when you are writing, you will be able to explain the setting in many meaningful words. Take the example from our childhood novel “The Famous Five.” The way Enid Blyton would describe the supper that was laid out for the five got the readers hungry. This is the same skill that you need to have as a writer.


Movies help writing in many ways. Just keep on watching movies and never stop practising. It would be best if you got your content checked from your peers to gain a fresh perspective. There will be a time when you will no longer need to watch movies to write but will have the ability to write an Oscar-worthy movie yourself. And also as we mentioned before if you need a great resume just visit https://essayservice.com/blog/best-resume-writing-service  and you won’t regret it.

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