5 Movies About First Student Love


Many student-related movies focus on first love. It’s not a topic that one hundred percent of people can relate to. These movies are so popular because they speak to a new experience. This list doesn’t have all of them, but it’s a good place to start! Try some and see!

Easy A

Easy A is maybe not the stereotypical romance movie. It is one that gets talked about a lot, though. The movie itself follows Olive, a girl in her first year of college. In an effort to get out of a camping trip, she says she has a date. All seems fine, until someone overhears the conversation about the date.

The overheard conversation causes rumours to spread. Olive’s friend asks if they can pretend that she has had sex with him so he can avoid homophobia. This (naturally) leads to other boys asking her to perform the same service. The new service Olive has started is lucrative, but damaging. The college Christian society then gets involved, hoping to save her soul. At first Olive draws attention to this by acting out a part from The Scarlet Letter. Eventually she wants to get her good reputation back.

If I went to an essay service, and asked them to write my essay for me, I would ask for this movie. It is a fascinating movie, with new ideas about love. Anybody watching it will see how love can affect your life. Even if it is pretend love, it has an effect.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This is one of the quintessential first love movies. Everyone should watch it at least once! This film is based on a book written about twenty years ago. It follows Charlie, a sixteen year old who is just starting high school. He is old for a freshman because he has been hospitalised in the past. The start of his school year goes badly. Fortunately, two seniors in the school – Patrick and Sam – take him on and help him have a good time.

Charlie is introduced to every single aspect of teenage life, such as art, literature, rock and roll, and drugs. This takes its toll on his mental health, and he tried to kill himself.

This movie is a very important watch. Yes, love is good. Yes, making people feel happy is good. But neither of these should stand in the way of your own happiness. There are valuable lessons in this movie. It is also just a good movie. It has different characters in it, all of whom get some of the spotlight. It talks about important issues. Out of the house and in new surroundings, it is important for students to learn this.

A Walk to Remember

If you ever pay for essays about college romance, this movie will be included! Unusually for this genre, this movie has a distinctly Christian bent to it. A Walk to Remember is a romance between a stereotypical ‘bad boy’ and a sweet Christian girl. They fall in love, but Jamie gets leukaemia, and dies from it.

This movie hits all the beats for a typical romance. It has the two characters not getting on at first. It has the reformed bad boy. It has the school atmosphere, with its attendant problems.

This movie is a very good one for people looking to understand the romance genre, since it is very basic. The only thing that makes it not a total stereotype is the fact that Jamie dies at the end.

Students will likely relate to this movie a lot. Even if they haven’t had a love interest die – which is more common than you would think. The story is a very simple one. A tale as old as time, one might say. Everyone experiences school, and crushes. Deciding how to handle them shows who you are as a person. This is a good lesson to learn!

10 Things I Hate About You

For many people, this is THE romance movie. It is an updated telling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. It combines the play with the modern day experience of a high school student.

The plot, it goeth thusly: The Stratford family has two sisters, Bianca and Katerina. Kat has an acceptance letter to a college her father doesn’t approve of. Bianca caught a ride home with a boy. Her father does not approve of this. After many words spoken in anger, the parents agree that Bianca can date when Kat does.

When Bianca complains of these two her French tutor, he hatches a plan. He will find someone to date Kat. But who could this possibly be?

Enter (of course) the bad boy of the piece. Patrick Verona is tough and mean. When he first hears of the idea, he laughs it off. All is lost, until Cameron and his friends decide to bribe Patrick into doing it. He takes the bribe, and persuades Kat to start dating him. Now that Kat is dating, Bianca can date as well. There is only one problem…Patrick is genuinely starting to like Kat.

You need to watch it to find out how it all ends. Honestly though, you won’t be disappointed. This is a romantic comedy with a twist to it. The retelling of Shakespeare sets it apart. The well known characters will keep it from being too incomprehensible.


The movie is based on the book of the same name. It is one of the more realistic movies about first love out there. Any student would have a good time watching it. They would also learn a lot. If you need an essay about a movie, professionals from EduJungles can easily help you with that.

The movie follows Bianca as she tries to fit in among her peers. She is intelligent and good-looking. At the start of the movie, her character’s focus is on meeting societal standards for romance and beauty. While she may be intelligent and beautiful, she is not as lucky as her friends in love. The plot kicks off when Bianca overhears her sometimes-boyfriend defining her as a DUFF. In the movie (and the book) DUFF means Designated Fat Friend. She is angry over this, but does realise that he is right. Rather than people seeing her in her own right, they use her to get to others. The movie follows her as she tries to come to terms with this.


This article focused on some of the more well-known student love movies. They can speak to a common theme among young people. These movies are just the beginning. If you like them, go and find some more to add to your personal playlist. Happy watching, and have a good time!

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