Best TV Shows About College and Students


Some of the best college TV shows are on TV right now. These shows and movies are guaranteed to get you excited! TV shows about college serve to ground people. It can be easier to integrate if you have a good model. Read on through this article for information about our top five! And good luck in college!


Ask any good custom essay service to write about college TV shows. They will always include Grown-ish in its lists. This is a recent TV show – it only started in 2018, and is ongoing. It is a spinoff from Black-ish, and has the same format, though with changes. The show has the same format of a single perspective with lots of jokes. Where Black-ish was more family oriented in nature, Grown-ish has much more adult content. The show follows Zoey Johnson as she starts her first year at Cal U. This will be very appealing to other students who are in the same boat. New expectations and new social opportunities can be difficult for anybody. A student watching Grown-ish would find a lot of parallels between their life and Zoey’s. The cast is rounded out by both adults and peers around Zoey, some of whom came over from Black-ish, some of whom did not.

There are a lot of situations in the show that students can relate to. Being in a new place with new people! Changing social position, changing academic position! Meeting people with different opinions from yours, and getting along with them! It’s all here to see.

How To Get Away With Murder

Unusually for a college television show, this has a teacher as a main character. How to get away with murder is a series produced by ABC. It follows law students and their teacher throughout their academic career.
The teacher, Annalise Keating, is a practising attorney as well as a lecturer. As such, she gives her students the opportunity to work in her firm throughout the academic year. The series follows her students as they commit a murder themselves.

The series is unusual in that it involves two parallel storylines, one in the present, one in the future. Each episode is divided between the two storylines, until they finally meet in the middle. This allows the audience to see what is unfolding with the mystery, while also learning how everyone involved got there. The show is very much a character study, showing how being in this world can be corrupting. It shows how different people react to situations. Any college student watching this will see a lot that they recognise. The people in the show try to balance themselves with what they need to do. College can be like that, as people learn how to navigate new situations. Try it!

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a film, rather than a TV show. It was adapted from a non-fiction book of the same name. It follows a young woman named Becca Mitchell. She reluctantly goes to Barden University to obey her father. The deal is that he will pay for her to go to Los Angeles. All she has to do is at least try to get through her studies, and also join one extra-curricular activity. The extra-curricular activity she chooses of course has something to do with music. The Barden Bellas are a female A Capella group. Joining them brings Becca to lots of new experiences. She learns all about college A Cappella singing and competition. The film focuses on the rivalry between the Bellas and the Treblemakers. The Treblemakers are an all-male group of singers, and are looking to beat the Bellas!

If you went to EssayZoo and asked them to write on this subject, they would include Pitch Perfect. There is a main character who is trying out new things. There is some time spent on her trying to navigate these new experiences. And there are the friends that she makes along the way. You should watch it!

Dear White People

This college TV series is particularly important right now. Dear White is a series based on a film of the same name from 2014. Unlike other examples in this article, this takes a more satirical tone. The show follows a group of young people as they attempt to navigate college. Since they are black, this includes racial politics as well as all of the normal aspects of college life. There are several storylines in the show, as well as one main conflict. The university attempting to remove a safe haven for people from racial minorities is the main focus. This drives events, including the main character’s film career.

This series follows the main cast as they try to fight against the university and its racism. The satire is particularly useful for highlighting events which might seem outlandish or implausible. What makes this a good series to watch is how layered it is. The story itself is full of satire and drama. Underneath is a genuine story about college students trying to navigate their new world.

This is a good watch for anyone! It would be particularly good for black college students, I think. They will see a whole cast of characters facing similar struggles. It can give them something to identify with, and look up to. This is one of the best series out there.

Blue Mountain State

This is an unusual choice, but it still fits. Blue Mountain State was first created in 2010. The cast is composed of three boys from different backgrounds, all new at college.

While writing services might include this in their lists, it is not a serious look at college life. It focuses on the more social side of college. The serious side of it takes a backseat. This does have a lot to say to modern college students.

People have to handle friends who are just using them and so on.

This series is a huge caricature of what college life is like. It is good to watch – it’s more focused on entertainment. It does still have some things to say. There’s a lot for college students to identify with. Sometimes that comes across better as comedy rather than drama. So long as you remember that it is a caricature, of course!


College TV shows are good for anyone who is unsure of their place. Watching these shows gives them people in the same situations. Having someone you can relate to makes anything easier. You are able to turn the TV on and see people like you. It can make fitting in a lot easier.

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