Tanner Beard On The Beautiful 2D Animated Short Mushka

Multi-talented actor and producer Tanner Beard joins us on Close-Up Culture to talk about his work on the short film, Mushka. Directed by Disney legend Andreas Deja, the film is set in the Soviet Union during the 1970s and tells a story of love and sacrifice. 

Hi Tanner, what excited you about the opportunity to work on the 2D animated short, Mushka?

The exciting part for me was getting to work with Roger Viloria again, who is a wonderful director of photography. We had just finished a documentary together and so when he mentioned he was producing MUSHKA – created by legend Andreas Deja – I just jumped at the opportunity and really got to explore the cadence and accent of the character I played. So much fun as an actor. 

What was it like collaborating with Disney legend Andreas Deja?

I was just blown away by how beautiful the artwork he created was. I think he maybe makes it look a little easy because the details are so masterfully crafted, but this is painstakingly hand-drawn and is somewhat becoming a lost art with all of the 3D animations. I really felt honored to have lended a voice to his story.

Can you tell us about your experience voicing the father in the film?

It was obviously an amazing experience working with these pros, but also looking back on it now it was something that happen so quick. They know what they want so they can then illustrate the story, so as apposed to a live-action role, where it’s your face up there on the screen, and you’ll take the good with the bad, this is something you want to make sure you give the director what he needs to tell his story. 

What should audiences expect from Mushka?

I think anyone with a human heart is going to feel something from MUSHKA. It’s about growing, it’s about friendships, compassion, struggle and absolutely full of love – all encapsulated with a new, but familiar look in the animation. An instant classic!

The film is screening at festivals at the moment. What are your hopes for Mushka?

Well, I love film festivals. So much that I even started one several years ago, the Mammoth Film Festival, which I believe we plan on showing MUSHKA at later in 2024 with some great in-depth Q and A’s. A festival run is great so audiences and that community of festival goers can enjoy this project but also the film has recently been in select movie theaters and is building a fanbase through that. I know as just a voice in the movie that is just so epic to hear and as it should be for an incredible work of art as this.

Do you have any other projects or plans to share with us?

I do! Silver Sail Entertainment, my production company has been a busy bee! To name a few a film from Brendan Gabriel Murphy called “Fluxx” is set to premier at MammothFF in 2024, starring Shelley Henning and Tyrese Gibson. I just exec. produced a film through Compelling Pictures called “The Collaboration”, starring Paul Bettany and Jeremy Pope due out in 2024. On the acting side, I just wrapped up a film called “And on the Eighth Day” with directorial debut of actress Alexandra Chando – it stars Phoebe Tonkin and Darren Mann. Very excited for all of these!

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