Throwback Interview: Wrestling Star Mariah May

As wrestling fans gear up for All Elite Wrestling’s record-breaking show at Wembley, we revisit our interview with one of the brightest and most captivating performers on the British professional wrestling scene.

Mariah May – who is rumoured to be joining AEW – joins us on Close-Up Culture to talk about getting into the industry, her dream match, being successful in and out of the ring, and much more.

Can you tell us about your background and what led you to the world of professional wrestling?

Growing up with two brothers I was a huge WWE fan and that passion stays with me today. Throughout school I participated in theatre and track and field, so wrestling is really a combination of the two. After finishing school I got a job to help fund my training and started taking wrestling classes – and here we are today!

How would you describe your current in-ring persona and style?

I’m The Glamour; super entitled, thinks the world revolves around me (because it does), and is used to getting everything her way – if she doesn’t, there’s trouble! My in-ring style is agile but hard hitting – I’m very athletic but my attitude always catches me out.

I understand there’s been a lot of controversy around the British wrestling scene in recent years, as well as the effects of the pandemic. What have your recent experiences been like in the industry?

There is definitely still a lot of work to be done within British Wrestling. Sadly, it’s ungoverned which allows room for abuse. It’s very difficult as an individual to combat it, as you have no formal support. I try my best to make it a safe space, and I know there are like-minded others, we are also still campaigning for government support so wrestling can be a safe space.

The professional wrestling industry is incredibly tough and competitive. It can really take its toll, mentally and physically. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far in the industry?

I thrive on competition as I grew up in that environment. You also have to bear in mind there’s no one exactly like you, or bringing to the table what you can. As long as you work your hardest and show your individuality – you’ll thrive.

I think the toughest challenge thus far has been wanting more. I love performing and I’m always looking for ways to show that passion and build my brand – unfortunately in British wrestling, there is a ceiling. That’s why I aim to build a mainstream brand beyond that: I’m wrestling internationally, I’m a part of an upcoming ITV2 sitcom ‘Deep Heat’ and have built a following across social media on YouTube, Twitch and more. If the opportunities aren’t there – make them!

Crowd reactions are a crucial part of the professional wrestling industry. What’s the best crowd reaction your experienced in your time as a wrestler?

It’s all about the crowd, they’re the most important part. I wrestled Chakara at Kamikaze; I was a babyface (the good guy!) and really got the crowd behind me. It was such an amazing feeling.

You’re a great talker and have some very entertaining interviews. Was that a natural ability of yours, or have you had to work on it?

Why thank you very much! I am a chatterbox so I’ve always found that part quite easy. I love talking about my passions, I also love playing a character and ‘The Glamour’ is so fun to sink my teeth into! I run my own YouTube and Twitch which definitely has a presentational element to it, I’m sure this has helped a lot, plus being a theatre kid!

You upload regularly on YouTube and also stream on Twitch. How much do you enjoy being on those platforms and showing off your personality away from the ring?

It’s so fun! I started YouTube first to share my journey, and then it developed into showing more of my life – it’s almost like my own reality show! Twitch was something I built during lockdown, it’s a live streaming platform where you can chat and play video games with your community – I call mine ‘House May’! I enjoy being able to show who I am beyond wrestling, my passions and work ethic across these platforms, I also love connecting with my fans.

What would be your dream match scenario?

Sasha Banks, Wrestlemania – I’m putting it out there. The Blueprint VS The Pinkprint. The Boss VS The Glamour. 

Photo by Musselwhite Photography

We’ve seen some incredibly success stories in pro-wrestling in the last few years, most notably Dwayne Johnson, John Cena and Britain’s own Paige. What’s your vision for your career – both inside and outside the ring?

I have a huge vision board in my apartment, I’ve always had a diary with crazy goals inside and outside of the ring. As I’ve gotten older I have workshopped my dreams into real action plans. I have a lot I want to achieve in wrestling, and I would also love to do more acting projects and modelling, whilst continuing to build my social media empire. I’m always game for new opportunities and rarely close doors – the sky’s the limit!

What do you love most about the professional wrestling industry?

Creating stories with people. Working together to make magic in the ring and make the fans feel something – that’s what it’s all about. I also love meeting and seeing little girls in the crowd who are so excited for the Women’s matches. It means a lot.

Do you have any upcoming matches, projects or ambitions you’d like to share with us?

I will be touring America in February, March and April and making my international debut. I am also a part of ITV2’s upcoming sitcom ‘Deep Heat’, you can stay tuned to my socials for all announcements – my handle is @mariahmayx on everything!

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