Comedian Neil Rubenstein Talks Adjacent Fest, Stand-Up Comedy & Touring the US

Q: Hi Neil, welcome to Close-Up Culture! First of all, what can you tell us about how you originally got into the comedy sphere, and what influenced you to take this path?

A: I was doing a TV show for SpikeTV and it lasted way longer than anyone anticipated. About 3 years in, I kinda decided I’d like to stay in Television. Someone suggested I start doing stand up so I could showcase my writing ability and get another TV gig. So I did. And I’ve never worked on TV since.

Q: You’ve appeared in a variety of TV shows and in stand-up comedy events all over the place. How was it different to play roles on the TV compared to your day to day comedian job demands?

A: It’s all acting I guess. Like I’m trying to convey an idea and/or an emotion with as little information as possible. Whether its pretending to smoke a cigarette in the park or pretending I just thought of this joke… 

Q: Performing recently at Adjacent Festival, a music festival that took place in Atlantic City, is a pretty cool achievement! How did it go and what were the highlights for you personally?

A: At no point was the actual performance gonna be the reward. Performing on those kinds of things is incredibly difficult. The reward is being asked, is being on the advertising, is getting discovered by new friends and potential friends. The actual sets went as well as they could, I suppose. But just being there was a huge highlight of my career.

Q: You have an upcoming special called “Have Some Dignity” being released this summer. What can you tell us about this and what can we expect from it?

A: It came out on August 24 exclusively on YouTube through Equal Vision Records. I am extremely excited for people to see what I’ve been working on this whole time. It’s very personal. I think you learn a lot about me. I talk about my failed marriage, moving from a big city to a small town, and share some of my political opinions.

I think no matter what side of things you stand on, you can find something enjoyable

Q: How is your tour going now that you’ve begun touring the US? Any funny stories to tell or any particularly memorable moments?

A: I honestly don’t even remember when this started. I feel like I’ve been on the road for like 3 years straight. I love being on the road. Just visiting friends old & new. I’m trying to spend whatever time I have left enjoying myself. I don’t believe we were intended to sit behind a desk or stand behind a counter. We are meant to experience life and meet people and laugh. A lot. I just wanna laugh a lot. And I want to make everyone else laugh. A lot.

Q: Finally, do you have any plans for the future?

A: See where this special takes me and see if I can keep traveling the world making jokes.

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