Documentaries You Should Watch

Truth is stranger than fiction. It’s something a lot of people say when telling true stories, and detailing how scripted dramas can be incredible, but nothing beats a real tale. I thought I’d list a few documentary recommendations from the ones I’ve watched in the past year to inspire your next stranger than fiction viewing.


Taking home the Oscar, BAFTA and Producers Guild of America award for Best Documentary (Feature) in 2023, this film revolves around the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Allowing the audience fly-on-the-wall access as Alexei investigates what happened to him, this thrilling documentary introduces us to journalists, presidents and power in a way that has never been captured before. 


If you’re looking for something fun, Shabu is for you. A 14-year-old from Peperklip, Rotterdam, crashes his grandmother’s car and must spend his summer trying to make money to pay her back. With friends, crushes and his music career taking precedent, this documentary will leave you proud, inspired and laughing.

Fire of Love

Sharing a beautiful love story, this 2022 documentary showcases the lives and careers of volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft. Director, Writer and Producer Sara Dosaunveils an incredible archive from the couple, letting us learn about the world we live on, the intrigue of natural phenomena, and wonder at a love that was born because of it.

Name Me Lawand

Exploring the power of communication and community, Name Me Lawand is a rapturous portrait of a young Deaf Kurdish boy living in the UK. I saw this at London Film Festival last year, and you can read my review of the documentary here.

A Bunch of Amateurs

This documentary was recently recommended to me, and after watching it that same day, I’ve wanted to share it with everyone. Following one of the oldest amateur filmmaking clubs in the world, Bradford Movie Makers, over the course of a few years, we see a glimpse into a group of people who are doing what they love. This warm film brings mundane thoughts to life, allowing us to laugh with the filmmaking club, and be inspired by their heart and resilience.

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