What To Watch When You Want To Escape Life For A While

You’re flicking through your shelf of DVDs or scrolling the never-ending streaming list and nothing is jumping out at you. It’s been a long week, you want your brain to have some calm, and to escape life for a short while. Here are a few recommendations for whatever genre you might fancy…

Emily in Paris

Originally gaining some bad press, Emily in Paris is one of Netflix’s favourite children. With 3 series ready to go and no need to know any French beforehand, this show isn’t for everyone, but if you’re wanting to imagine living in a European city, falling in love and having the coolest job, why not give it a go? Sure, it’s cheesy, over the top, and unrealistic, but coming from the creators of Sex and the City, it certainly is fun, energetic and colourful.

House Party

I’ve not seen the original from the 90s, but the 2023 reboot is brilliant. With LeBron James as a producer, the film follows aspiring club promoters Damon and Kevin as they discover a solution to their bad luck. Starring a host of names, and showing off multiple famous faces, this film will make you feel like you’re behind the rope of the hottest VIP area. It takes a crazy opportunity and multiplies that by a lot, leaving you laughing. You’ll want to be at the party, but also glad you’re not the one running it.

Monte Carlo

Released in 2011 and starring Selena Gomez, this romcom is filled with adventure, friendship and the perfect amount of escapism. Pretend you’re a teen going on a school trip, andallow yourself to just go along for the ride. If you’ve ever wanted to be famous or have all the money in the world for a luxury trip, you can do all of that and more from the comfort of your own home with this one. 

Spirited Away

Taking a slightly different route, any Studio Ghibli film will transport you immediately to another place. Whether you want to go back in time, or spend a few hours with some fantasy creatures, Hayao Miyazaki’s animated stories are instant classics. The recommendation for today though is Spirited Away. Whilst moving house, a girl wanders into a world ruled by gods, witches and spirits. Full of colour and life, there’s something so charming yet creepy about this story, and it will definitely take you away from wherever you decide to watch it.

Palm Springs

This 2020 film starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, sees two wedding guests develop a friendship whilst stuck in a time loop. It’s funny, clever and one I recommend a lot. If you want a modern Groundhog Day that is fresh, and sets itself up in a totally new way, this is one to really take your mind away from your usual 9 to 5. Ingenious, sweet and witty, this film is the perfect escape.

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