Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Why Crave TV Is Not Working

Access to streaming services that provide fantastic entertainment is becoming increasingly easier. Bell Media owns the Canadian subscription video-on-demand service Crave. They confront increased competition from Netflix,  Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and other subscription-based over-the-top streaming platforms. 

Unfortunately, users still cannot watch on Crave TV in USA without a VPN. However, Crave has a few troubles that are unique from those of other applications. Let’s take a quick glance at the Crave TV platform before we explore Troubleshooting Steps to address why it’s not working.

The streaming platform CraveTV

Crave TV offers a mix of theatrically released movies, exclusive Canadian access to programs purchased from numerous U.S. television and streaming platforms, and Bell Media’s original programming. The biggest content providers for Crave are Warner Bros,  Discovery, and Paramount. As an add-on, Starz, which is provided in cooperation with Lionsgate, is also accessible.

CraveTV was initially introduced in December 2014 as a free streaming service, and changed its focus to premium content by the end of 2018, blending its operations with The Movie Network, which later evolved into the Crave pay TV network. Crave is accessible via subscription to Canadian television service providers or as an over-the-top subscription service.

Reasons why Crave Isn’t Working

Various factors might prevent the Crave app from functioning. In case your Crave isn’t working, here is a list to look at.

  • The ad blocker should be disabled.
  • Stop using VPN.
  • A public wifi network should not be connected to your device.
  • Consequently, Apple users must consent to cross-site monitoring.
  • Check to see whether cookies are enabled.
  • Assure that your apps and browsers are installed with the most recent updates.
  • CraveTV will not work if you’re accessing the app from a country other than Canada without the use of a VPN.

Why doesn’t Crave function on my smart TV?

If the Crave TV is not working on your Smart TV, here are a few solutions:

  1. Sign in and out of Crave TV

Having trouble logging into your Smart TV might be caused by corrupt cache and files. Additionally, this can result in the video material continuing to load but not playing, i,e., buffering. In this situation, log out of the Crave App on your Smart TV. Log back in to continue viewing after a while.

  1. Crave App updates

The Crave App no longer works on Smart TVs with older versions. However, other streaming applications continue to operate regularly. It might be irritating to deal with but the only option is to upgrade the program to continue using it.

  1. Reinstall Crave TV App

The Crave TV App may simply be uninstalled and installed again. By doing this, you can erase all the app data and take a fresh start.  

to Crave is not working?

If you experience difficulties signing into Crave, check the pointers below.

  • Maybe take a break from the constant attempt to get in and try after a little while. At times the app server is down for some time and all you can do is wait for it to go back up. 
  • Verify the stability of your mobile data and wifi connections.
  • See if you’re able to access your other networking sites.
  • Examine your login credentials to make sure they are correct.
  • To precisely determine what went wrong, carefully read the error message. 

Crave is not functioning on Mac?

  • There is a significant chance that the Crave app won’t function correctly if your cookies are outdated. 
  • Delete your cookies and sign in again to check if it is working.
  • Using software to run Windows on a Mac is another excellent solution for Crave playback issues. You may watch Crave on macOS using Windows in this manner.
  • Check out the Crave TV prerequisites. 
  • The newest versions of the Crave app might not be compatible with older versions of Mac.

Crave does not operate on Roku?

Attempt the solutions below if Crave isn’t working on your Roku device:

  • Ensure your device is linked to the network and the Roku device is correctly connected to the TV.
  • Verify that your subscription to crave is still wholly active.
  • Assuming you can access crave on other devices, confirm that the same account is being used on your Roku.
  • Verify that none of your login information is incorrect.
  • It could help if you uninstall and reinstall the crave app on your Roku.
  • Please get in touch with Roku customer service so they can assist you if none of these solutions work.


A growing number of people now have access to excellent streaming services. Crave, a Canadian subscription video-on-demand service is gaining popularity for its unique and diverse content library.

However, this new streaming service does come with its fair share of troubles. Finding the best solution may help understand the causes. Try the solutions above if you need to fix the Crave TV not working issues. You may quickly and simply fix the problem using these approaches, allowing you to continue your streaming sesh.


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