Erik Fellows On Taking Risks For Starf*cker

Actor Erik Fellows stops by on Close-Up Culture to discuss his lead role in the feature film, Starf*cker.

Starf*cker features Fellows as a wannabe celebrity who makes “calculated” choices in order to slash and burn his way into the Hollywood scene. Using literally everything he has at his disposal to earn fame and power, he slowly climbs the ladder, starting at the very bottom of the Z-list and working his way up via favors and one-night stands.

But when his ex-fiancé and his brother come back into the picture, he’s forced to navigate real life and find out if there’s more to him than a narcissistic psychopath.

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There’s a quote from you in the trailer for Starf*cker that reads, “this film is going to ruin my career.” What reservations did you have about taking on this role?

I was originally scared to play a role this intense and possibly offensive to Hollywood. So I originally turned it down. But since Mark David is just a great salesman, after some time, I was convinced to play Jimmy by Mark David. The next thing I knew, I fully trusted him and now found it my challenge to play Jimmy and bring him to life.

Since the film is out now and is getting reviewed well, I look back and want to thank Mark David for believing in me and taking the chance of me playing the role of Jimmy Starr. It has been one heck of an experience, and I’m so thrilled the audiences that have seen the movie so far have loved what we made.

Can you tell us about Jimmy Starr and how you approached this role?

Jimmy Starr is a narcissistic psychopath with ADD, BPD, and sex addiction. He tries to sleep his way to the top of Hollywood, only to find his world crashing down around him. Jimmy really just wants to be loved and have something to offer. But with his tough upbringing with a father, who was never around and a dysfunctional childhood, it seems he suffers from a lack of love and self-respect. Just being noticed is ultimately what Jimmy wants.

Well, I just went into the role with all my experiences as Erik Fellows, which have some similarities, I must say, but I kept a free mind to Jimmy and really just took each moment like it was a moment I could relate to in any way as a human being and an actor. I had no judgments on Jimmy at all; I just kept him as real and open as I could.

How much of this film rang true to your own experiences in Hollywood? Have you ever met a Jimmy Starr before?

I would say 50/50 on how true the experiences are. Let’s just say I have seen and been through a lot in my stint in Hollywood. Definitely, a lot was exaggerated in some ways for the comedy and audience appeal. I would have met a handful of Jimmy Starr’s throughout my life, which gave him a real feel from the moment he was on screen; these real-life Jimmy Starrs 100% exist.

What did you enjoy most about making Starf*cker?

This was the first time I was truly a part of a film from beginning to end, from conception to completion and delivery. It was extremely rewarding and fulfilling. My cast and crew gave everything they had to this project. I’m very proud of my cast – they all are so talented and hardworking! I feel like we accomplished something different, fresh, and something that definitely you think by the end.

What are your hopes for the film?

Really just to get the film out there as much as we can, to as far of a reach across the globe as possible. Hopefully, continuing to turn heads and get good feedback is all I can ask for.

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

Well, I have a handful of films coming out in the following months, such as a romantic comedy titled Divorce Bait, which will be released later in the fall in theaters. I also have films No Tears in Hell, Zero Road, Sunlight, and Love is in Bel Air.

I’m also producing a new film – a psychological thriller/horror called A Beating Heart. I will be in as the lead, playing opposite Cybill Shepherd and My Divorce Bait co-star Vanessa Vasquez. I’m very excited about the upcoming projects.

Watch Starf*cker – https://www.amazon.com/Starf-cker-Erik-Fellows/dp/B0B8SKT4VS/

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