Close-Up: An Interview With EZRA Star Chelsea Clark

Actor Chelsea Clark drops by on Close-Up Culture to chat about her exciting role in the upcoming TV series, EZRA.

EZRA is a new age take on a classic coming out story and focuses on Ezra Grey, played by Luke Hutchie. After fleeing the dark and demonic chains of his shadowy old home, Ezra, a killer gay vampire, takes a leap of faith and enters the modern world. In doing so, he is forced to navigate his own insecurities and supernatural tribulations.

You are one of the stars of Luke Hutchie’s upcoming vampire series, EZRA. Can you tell us about your character, Kylo, and how you approached this role? 

Approaching Kylo’s role was like none other because I was in the room when we created her! It was important to me to give Kylo a strong, confident demure as well as a vicious side to her. Once I got to actually playing her it felt like a well oiled machine because we had spent so much time together. 

What was the most enjoyable aspect of playing Kylo? 

The most enjoyable aspect of playing Kylo was definitely the wardrobe!!! I’ve never been someone who’s been huge into fashion but EZRA really helped me see the other side of things. Clothes can create characters and our genius stylist Amber Watkins and Sebastian Baquero really set the tone for Kylo. The wardrobe made me feel confident and HOT and walking into Kylo’s shoes (usually high heels) was easily the most exciting part of playing that hot little vampire. 

And the most challenging? 

The most challenging part was definitely the weather. We shot EZRA during the winter and boy did it feel like it. Not to mention as a dark and dreary vampire show like ours, there were a lot of overnight shoots. So, late nights and cold weather was a deadly combo. 

This project also gave you an opportunity to write and produce. How did you find those challenges? 

Being in that writing room was a dream. I’ve always wanted to get into writing but haven’t had the confidence to really pursue it. So, being able to sit in a room full of funny, talented, supportive people made every single writing block, or hardship that much easier to get through (and usually funnier).

Producing truly is putting out little fires all day to ensure production can happen; and with that comes a lot of responsibility. I found myself asking a lot more questions and taking advice from people who have been in the industry far longer than I have. It was really humbling to be able to look up to mentors and have them be so supportive and real about what it takes to be a good producer. Still have much to learn but I am so grateful I got to learn as much as I did on Ezra. 

Who is your favourite vampire from TV or film? 

Viago from What We Do In The Shadows! Taika Waititi has my heart literally and figuratively 

What will be your fondest memory from working on EZRA? 

My fondest memory from working on EZRA was our first day on set, running around all day getting everything set up and thinking to myself I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here. I think we all felt so lucky to be able to have an opportunity to make a show with creative freedom and just see our work come alive. 

What are your plans and ambitions for the future? 

My ambition for the future is honestly to have more balance in my life! I think balance is very important and while I obviously want to be writing and acting, I think the most important thing to bring to writing and acting is real life experiences and being able to put myself in other people’s shoes.

In terms of industry goals I hope to write my own short, or mini series next and draw inspiration from new places and experiences. I’m so lucky to have worked with these amazing people on this show and I want to move forward and continue creating safe spaces for artists and people the way that we did on EZRA.

EZRA is set to make its premiere on OUTtv (Canada) and the OUTtv Apple TV Channel (USA)

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