EZRA Creator Luke Hutchie Talks Gemini Vampires & Killer Wardrobe

Highly-anticipated horror-comedy series EZRA is set to make its premiere on OUTtv (Canada) and the OUTtv Apple TV Channel (USA).

EZRA is a new age take on a classic coming out story and focuses on Ezra Grey, played by Luke Hutchie. After fleeing the dark and demonic chains of his shadowy old home, Ezra, a killer gay vampire, takes a leap of faith and enters the modern world. In doing so, he is forced to navigate his own insecurities and supernatural tribulations.

Series creator and actor Luke Hutchie joins us on Close-Up Culture to discuss this exciting new show.

The vampire genre has been so popular in recent years. What will EZRA bring to the genre? 

EZRA definitely brings a new twist to vampires for sure. Our vampires are more demonic, and insane. Our show however is definitely very light and fun, and I think it separates us from trying to focus so much on the vampire lore, and more so that vampires are people too! 

Can you tell us more about the character of Ezra Grey and the journey this series takes him on? 

Ezra is an insecure little Gemini vampire. He just really wants to find somewhere he belongs and no longer wants to hide in the shadows with his family. He leaves to the human world where he meets Gwen, his bestie and Ian, his boyfriend, but when his family finds out, they aren’t having it. I think Ezra learns to accept every part of himself, which allows him to feel liberated in himself, and realizes that he can be loved for who he is, a vampire. 

How did you find the experience of world building for this series and with that creating a visual style for this world? 

When we were writing the series our biggest thing was to make the show feel like home, like you’ve been to Wood Cress (our fictional town) before. It’s a small town, somewhat dated, but still lively with its characters. Our biggest thing for visuals that I really think brought our show to life was the wardrobe! Amber Watkins who was our head stylist did an amazing job at making each character their own, and I think that really sells the show. She and Sebastian Baquero killed it. Each character has their own journey and the mix of emotions and colours, which really helped to create this supernatural world. 

What was the most exciting aspect of making this show? 

Honestly, having a show that was created with no expectations, written with incredible writers like Chelsea Clark, Veronika Slowikowska and Max Litzgus was my favourite part. We literally made up things everyday in a little studio and then had a season. I loved every part of this process and hope we get to do it all again! 

What can audiences expect from EZRA? 

Audiences can expect to see something fun, new, and something that represents Canada today! It’s a comedic story mixed with suspense, and I think people will really enjoy it.

Aside from EZRA, what is your favourite on-screen vampire of all time?

My favorite on screen vampire would have to be Lestat from Queen of the Damned. I want to say Aaliyah in that movie, but Stuart Townsend’s clothes, the visuals, the 2000’s Alt rock band, it was all amazing. I loved it growing up. He was definitely a bisexual icon in that movie! 

What are your hopes for EZRA? 

I hope people really enjoy it, and see themselves in these characters! I hope people see real people on screen and not the stereotypes minorities have been made out to be so often in the media. And a season two! That I hope for.

EZRA is set to make its premiere on OUTtv (Canada) and the OUTtv Apple TV Channel (USA).


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