Ordo I:X – Short Film Review

Let there be no divisions amongst men, will we ever escape the illusion of freedom and the plague of propaganda.

Wow. This short lets us see into the lives of a few people who are representing the annoyed and tired. We live in a world with assumptions and selfishness where people are cast aside due to where they are from and what they look live. Through lavish colours and rich materials, writer and director Cilla Lafayette invites us to re-evaluate the word freedom and what that has meant over time and now.

We hear and see historical archives of thoughts and ideas, next to the movement and poetry of the modern filming. Concepts are challenged and race is questioned, allowing us as viewers to really see how life has affected certain people and how unfair that is. We’ve all seen the news over the past year regarding Black Lives Matter and the opinions of a few of who we can blame for the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s awful to think that we just keep going round and round, never really apologising or taking blame for our actions. This short is an art piece, a reminder to those who view it that for so many people, life is feared and what we think is freedom is far from that.

The creative choices made truly make this project stand out against others that have come before it. Why in the past have we shown off individuals in a way that doesn’t emphasise the power they have and the lives they lead? It’s fantastic, uncovering the treasures but educating ourselves on the hardship through what we are seeing on our screen.

This has given me answers but also left me with questions, and I urge anyone to watch this film to be able to learn and understand in a new, in your face sort of way.

Ordo I:X was part of the Women X Film Festival – find out more

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