Egg Party – Short Film Review

Six women in their late thirties gather to dye Easter eggs. Through a series of whimsical portraits, we discover each woman’s view on her retrospective egg, lost dreams, and new beginnings.

When this short began, it made me think of Alice in Wonderland. We were entering a bright and colourful world with plenty of characters, all similar but very different. We quickly learn that we’re joining them for an Easter gathering with wine and egg painting, and that the thought of children and reproduction is in the air due to the metaphors. I found this film refreshing. When looking at this sort of topic, we are either greeted with deep sadness, or not the range that we get with these characters. We’re all living different lives and just because some people have children doesn’t mean that others don’t because they won’t. We get a pretty view into life and how often if doesn’t happen how we’d like it to, and even though moments were sad, we were constantly reminded that we are not alone. 

Directed by Kersti Bryan, with a script by her, Ashton Heyland Claire Kennedy, women and their stories and being told in such a caring way, letting the audience see that not everything is always picture perfect. We all have wants and fears, and children are a big thought with those ideas for so many people. To get to really learn and see how different we can all be, as well as see someone on screen that we relate to is brilliant and something that I want to be seeing much more of.

Some women like to share all their issues and feelings, whereas others like to keep things to themselves. Whatever the choice, all our thoughts are valid and allowed, whether we feel happy or broken by our current stage of life and what we want to be doing versus what we’re told we should be doing.

Egg Party was part of the Women X Film Festival – find out more

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