We Too – Short Film Review

This 3-minute shorts lets us look through the lens into the life of a couple dealing with emotions and worries.

From great joy to streaming tears, We Two welcomes us into this relationship which we feel is failing from what we see on our screen. With only music to guide us through sound, it’s pleasing to watch and listen to. Gavin Swift composed the score, keeping it light and simple, just like the faded picture. It feels sad to listen to, like everything is empty and there is nothing left, and maybe that’s a reflection on the film and what the characters are going through. Using a camcorder to show off the story, cinematographer Felix Schmilinsky creates a home video vibe, letting us feel like we’re recording what’s on screen or like we’ve found a random tape somewhere. We don’t know the couple, and the recording doesn’t add to that much, but it lets us see how every pair has their ups and downs, and sometimes ending things might be the best option.

It’s simple, yet with jumps in the editing and visuals of the beach, it feels experimental in what it’s tried to achieve. Written and directed by Grace Porter, it’s described as a “smart, meditative take on the gulf that emerges between ex-lovers” by the BFI. I get it, I do, but it is more experimental art than what I normally watch. After another watch, I can begin to understand it and its deeper meaning, but like all films, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

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