Kind Of – Short Film Review

A couple has a lovers’ tiff over polyamory and penis envy.

People in polyamorous relationships must have to have rules, trust and understanding, knowing that their partner does love them as well as the other people in the relationship. I can understand why people find them confusing or difficult, but this is the first film I have ever seen exploring them. It’s refreshing to have their viewpoint shown rather than just hearing random bits on the news or people mentioning them on Twitter.

Written by Arno Mokros and Noah Schamus, this story is a fun and interesting one, letting us into a private relationship and how there can be moments of anger against the love. It looked at sexuality and how we can always be questioning it and other people’s even after they’ve come out as one thing. It’s natural for us to be curious or even for people in relationships to feel confused or jealous, so I’m glad this short film let that be seen.

Featuring Garcia and Avi Roque, they were partnered together so well against the script. It was bright and airy, and even though showed upset emotions, stayed upbeat and welcoming. The characters represent anyone in a relationship, and how like I’ve said that there are ups and downs but that’s normal. It was refreshing to see this on my screen, and a story I would love to see explored even more.

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