How To Write An A-Grade Movie Review Essay

If you need to write a movie review essay, you must utilize your creativeness and combine it with robust analysis. Be aware that movie reviews require thinking out of the box from time to time. Experts from the academic writing service Best Custom Writing are convinced that to do the task well, you should be passionate about the subject and like writing in general.

If you know how to write a creative essay and already have such experience, you will complete your task more comfortably. For those who will write such an essay for the first time, we present our practical guide on how to write an A-grade movie review essay below.

  1. Start with watching  a movie

However, some students skip this vital stage of creative writing; we suggest you do otherwise and watch the movie instead. Even if you already have seen this motion picture, you definitely would not remember important details that are essential for review. So refreshing your memory will positively work for you. And especially if the movie is unfamiliar to you, you should definitely watch it!

While watching the movie, pay attention to such vital details:

  • Genre (comedy, drama, historical, dramedy, horror, etc.)
  • Plot
  • Actors
  • Director
  • Composer
  • Screenwriter and screenplay
  • Country of origin
  • Year of production

It is essential to take detailed notes while watching. Do not forget that you are doing it not to entertain yourself but to create a good paper. Note everything you can relate to the plot and try to write down the catchy dialogues and scenes. If you already have some thoughts or recommendations while watching, write them down as well.

  • Outline your movie review

Your movie review is an essay, first of all. That is why you should plan your writing in detail. When you will do it, effectively pay attention to sections and paragraphs to benefit. A working outline economizes your time and structures your thoughts, putting them in a strictly logical way.

Here is an example of the details of a perfect movie review outline:

  • The introduction.

Start your paper with a brief explanation of the topic and purpose of writing. Remember that an introduction must draw the readership into your creative text. Provoke in your audience a desire to read your paper correctly. To achieve this aim, you can use a hook sentence. Try to explain the movie’s plot with interesting allegories or comparisons. Pay attention to the plot’s core details.

  • The main body.

It is time to analyze a movie from different angles. One of the working strategies of analyzing a movie is to look over its failures and accomplishments. In addition, you can explain your point of view on the movie’s plot. Include in the main body such information as acting performance and cinematography. It will work if you illustrate the main body with some quotations from the dialogues between movie characters. Choose the brightest ones to highlight your opinion on a particular character or scene. You can talk about the soundtrack as well, especially if the movie composer is a significant person in the industry.

Another working strategy of an A-grade movie review essay is to describe the movie plot as you explain it to a person who has not seen this movie. Look it over from the angle of lessons you can learn from this motion picture. Mention the director, whose life views and position are reflected in the movie.

Do not forget to add some recommendations to readers that will help them to decide whether they should spend their money and time watching this movie.

  • The conclusion

Now you should wrap up your thoughts and conclude. The main section of the movie review conclusion will be restating your central thesis and summarizing your ideas. Once again, share your recommendations with people who have never seen this movie before.

  • Editing always makes sense

The finalizing stage of writing your perfect movie review essay involves attentive proofreading. Some students are willing to skip this step and then regret it. Imagine writing a perfect paper and failing on misspellings! If your main aim is to write an A-grade paper, editing is a must for you. We recommend editing your review with the help of online grammar checking tools – for example, Grammarly.


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