9 Great Art Scholarships In The US In 2021

Dreaming about higher education, students often strive to get a scholarship. Why are they so addicted to it? The answer is simple: you don’t need to pay any tuition, so the only requirement is being a talented and hardworking person with an independent viewpoint. Moreover, it is beneficial to get a scholarship in the USA because you get not only knowledge but also financial support during the educational process. So, keep tuned to our nine marvelous art scholarships in the US in 2021 and hurry to apply by the deadline in order to avoid contacting a scholarship essay writing service online!

1. CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship

If you’ve dreamed about getting a degree in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, or ceramics, you have a chance to apply to this scholarship until April 29, 2021, and win the $3,000 award. Eligibility includes those who have a GPA of at least 2.5 on a scale of 4.0. Attach your portfolio and send it with additional details in your application form and SAR (Student Aid Report). Also, you can contact the administration via email or phone to get more information on the admission process. In any case, when you need to write an admission paper, read research paper guide sources with examples to prepare for your scholarship in the best way.

2. Zinggia Art Scholarship

Get a financial award of $2,000 to get support in pursuing a visual art career. After finishing this scholarship, you can become a photographer, graphic designer, or artist with the ability to tutor other students. The lectures are held in Columbus, Ohio. The eligibility requirements are being a high school senior student, minimum 3.0 GPA, and holding a United States residence. The deadline for the last application is March 5, 2021.

3. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Visual Arts Fellowship

Take a chance to prove your candidacy for a nearly $23,000 award amount. Its purpose is to engage professional, graduate, undergraduate, and senior high school students in an art competition. US citizens and permanent residents can apply until November 4, 2021.

4. The Kress Foundation Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums

If you have completed a degree in art, art history, or art education, you can compete for one of the most well-paid creative scholarships in New York. Provide your resume, academic transcripts, and recommendation letters by April 1, 2021, to get a place in the class and an award of $30,000 for learning needs.

5. Robert Sherman Fine Art Scholarship

If you want to perform as one of the most proficient Glenview artistic residents, you are welcome to submit application documents. Get a $1,000 award amount to study from the masters of visual arts. Submitting your works with a recommendation from your teacher will highly increase your possibility of being invited to the interview. In any case, you have time to apply until April 15, 2021.

6. Scholarships from American Graphics Institute

This scholarship allows everyone to study the most in-demand profession, both in the creative and IT spheres. Students are eligible to enroll with a two-year or four-year college or university degree finished in the US. Enroll by providing such details as name, email, phone number, educational institute, and original essay. Once the first deadline is finished in mid-January, you still have time to prepare for the second one in mid-September.

7. Harriet Irsay Scholarship

Take an opportunity to get one of the most creative scholarships in such disciplines as journalism, film, liberal arts, music, history, and Polish studies. The most interesting fact is that this program was created in 1992 by Jadwiga Pogorzelski (Harriet Irsay), a participant of the American Institute of Polish Culture from Miami, Florida. All you need is to send your application by June 26, 2021.

8. Mount Mary University Layton Art Scholarship for Current Students

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this university invites every US citizen and residence holder enrolled in this location. Hurry up to send your candidacy by January 23, 2021, and get an award amount of $3,000. Take your place at the Mount Mary University art class!

9. John F. & Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund

Do you need a $5,000 award to study art with one of Oklahoma’s most prestigious scholarships? Get ready for an artistic race that ends January 31, 2021, which is actually too soon for hesitation! An award of $5,000 is available for those who are between 18-35 years, interested in classical Western cultural traditions, and have an art-related career or degree.

Knowing all eligibility requirements and opportunities provided by a scholarship helps encourage young artists in their education. We hope these nine positions will help you prepare for the path of a professional artist and be more confident in presenting your works. Good luck enrolling in one of them, and happy studies!

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