Raindance 2019: Directors Esteve Soler And Gerard Quinto Talk ‘7 Reasons To Run Away (From Society)’

7 Reasons To Run Away (From Society) tells seven stories that mix horror and comedy, seven moments of black comedy, seven surreal visions of a dysfunctional society.

Two of the film’s three directors – Esteve Soler and Gerard Quinto – join us on Close-up Culture to preview the film ahead of its UK premiere at the Raindance Film Festival (26 and 27 September). For ticket info

Q: ‘7 Reasons To Run Away (From Society)’ will have its UK premiere at the Raindance Film Festival. What can audiences in London expect from your film?

GQ: It’s a black and absurd comedy that aims to freeze your smiles. It takes you to the darkest places of our society and reaches some directly terrifyng moments.

Q: I understand the film opens with a quote from Luis Buñuel’s ‘The Phantom Of Liberty’ which reads: ‘I’m fed up with symmetry.’ Can you talk about the influence of Buñuel and how this quote sets the tone for the film?

ES: You can find Buñuel everywhere in the movie. It’s in the original plays [7 Reasons To Run Away is inspired by Soler’s trilogy of plays – Against Progress, Against Love, and Against Democracy] which are extremely influenced by The Phantom Of Liberty. But you can also see The Exterminating Angel in the screenplay, especially with the idea of a group of people who are living in existential cages. And there are more references…

Q: Why did you want to delve into the darkest side of society and do so with dark humour?

GQ: More than delving, what we want is to call into a question a series of “sacred” estates and we believe that humor is one of the most effective ways to deal with these serious issues. 

Q: What interested you about telling seven stories rather than a single story?

ES: We love anthology films. A lot of them are simply extraordinary, like Jim Jarmusch’s Night On Earth, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, Quentin Taratino’s Pulp Fiction… It’s fascinating how you can change the story every five minutes… If you mix it in the right way, you can produce a diverse and fascinating set of interpretations from the audience. And the reactions can be funny, fast, engaging…

‘7 Reasons To Run Away (From Society)’ directors Esteve Soler, Gerard Quinto and David Torras

Q: How did the collaboration between the three directors work on this project?

GQ: The way to not drive team members crazy has been to agree on all decisions between the three of us before talking to them. And the fact of being three makes that possible. Whenever there was a situation of two contrary opinions, there was always another one there to unpack.

Q: What did each of you bring to the project?

GQ: Esteve is the author of the script and, therefore, the most logical thing is that he will be in charge of the dramaturgy and the direction of actors, while I, for my previous experience, would take charge of the cinematographic language. David served as a cohesive element between us.

Q: This is also an impressive cast with Sergi Lopez, Emma Suarez, Lola Dueñas and others. What was it like working with this big cast?

ES: Fascinating. It is not only a big cast, but an extraordinary one. Very professional and human at the same time. To work, for example, with the amazing Emma and Lola, the latest actresses of Almodóvar – another big influence – is an honour for us. We were working on our first movie together and their kindness and experience during the shoot was awesome.

Q: Which of the seven stories resonates the most with you?

GQ: Since I read the script, I think Order is a masterpiece, but I have special affection for Family because it was the first that we shot together, as a short film. 

ES: My favourite one is Progress. I think it defines the complete thesis of the movie. 

You can see ‘7 Reasons To Run Away (From Society)’ at the Raindance Film Festival on 26 and 27 September. For ticket info

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