Meet The Artist Behind These Terrifying 3D Renditions Of Cartoon Characters

EVER wonder what some of the your favourite cartoon characters would look like in real-life? Perhaps you shouldn’t because the answer is terrifying.

Artist Miguel Vasquez has sent social media into meltdown on a number of occasions with his 3D renditions of characters such as Homer Simpson, SpongeBob SquarePants and Nigel Thornberry. Work that distorts familiar faces in a way that is both shocking and strangely fascinating.

Miguel drops by on Close-up Culture for a quick chat about his attention-grabbing work.

Q: Was this something you stumbled upon or something you perhaps envisioned when you were younger?

A: WHAT inspired me was the lack of good real-life renditions of cartoon characters on Google. I vividly remember searching on Google Images to see what Homer Simpson and Spongebob SquarePants would like in real life. They were all disappointing.

Q: A lot of your work goes viral and is perfect for our meme culture. Why do you feel your work provokes such a huge reaction online?

A: I THINK the reason they go viral is because of how realistic and accurate they are to the original cartoon character.

Q: How have you dealt with the experience of your work going viral? I imagine it must be strange seeing your work on Twitter moments and media outlets across the world.

A: YES, this has happened several times actually and it can be quite stressful. But I do enjoy seeing my work online and it brings a huge smile to my face regardless of some negativity I get from the public.

Q: As you mentioned on Instagram, your work often gets described with works like ‘disturbing’ and ‘disgusting’. Are you ever freaked out by your own creations?

A: SOMETIMES I do get freaked out. But you also have to keep in mind that I sit behind the computer all day staring at the screen for hours working on my designs and they don’t bother me until I stay off for a couple hours or so and look back at my artwork. That is when I ask myself why am I creating this?

Q: What is your favourite creation so far?

A: My favourite creation would have to be Homer Simpson. I think I nailed the proportions and look of Homer correctly.

Q: Can you tell us about the process you go through to create these works?

A: I use this software called Zbrush. Much like clay sculpting, I move around this virtual clay ball and move it from here and there until I get the shape I wantthen I gradually start adding details.

Q: Do you see yourself continuing to do this work and what characters would you like to give the 3D treatment next?

A: YES. So far I do a great amount freelance work in the comfort of my home, but I would also like to work at video game studio since that has always been my lifelong dream is about.

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You can also purchase vinyl figures of Miguel’s work at VTSSToys.com

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