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Kristen Stewart: Back from the Twilight



  1. Wonderful insight into a remarkable actress..some of her pre twilight performances remain some of my very favorite ..if you haven’t experienced The Cake Eater, Yellow Handkerchief or On the Road..Please indulge yourself..Then follow with Welcome to the Riley’s, The Runaways and Adventure Land.

    She says more with her eyes and facial expressions…than most actresses express with page upon page of dialogue..Thank you for this article. I hope after seeing a broader expanse of her films you will revisit Kristen Stewart a truly gifted actress.

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    1. Thanks for reading and for your insight.
      In a Q&A (I wrote about on this site) Assayas spoke about how Kristen uses body movement in such a powerful way. How aware she is of what lense a director is using. There’s a great moment in the opening five minutes of Sils Maria where she takes a phone call and moves close up to the camera. It’s so smooth and captivating.
      I think in the future I’ll go through all of her films,including the pre-Twillight ones you’ve mentioned, and break them down in more depth.

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  2. Te felicito,buen articulo es gratificante leer analicéis sobre el desempeño en los distinto personaje que a ejecutado Kristen Stewart.Con un sentido critico profesional , con respeto para joven actriz

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