7 Things You MUST Know About the Great Gatsby Movie

Some movies do a stellar job of making us feel as though we’re right in the moment, and The Great Gatsby is one of those movies. Based on a famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this movie takes us back to the Jazz Age and into the romance of a millionaire and retracing a romance from his youth. 

The original novel never went over big when it was initially released, but it has since been given nicknames like “The Great American Novel,” and it’s a classic fiction story with a tale as old as time. Here, we will share seven interesting tidbits about the movie that you may not know. 

1. Gatsby Was Not Originally Set in New York

When you read the movie, watch the book, or even see themed references like these, you see a tale that is based out of New York. 

The popularity of the book is undeniable and the way in which it has permeated popular culture, leading to connections to all manner of projects and products, is proof of that. 

While that is what the book and the movies ended up referencing for the plot, that was not the original intent of the story. The story changed significantly from the original ideas to the Gatsby that we know today. 

Rather than a story that captured the heart of the Midwest in the late 1800s, it became a jazz story based in New York in the early 1900s. The original drafts that had these details were based on his youth. 

2. Mid-Line Budget

When you hear of a low-budget film, those numbers typically fall beneath $1 million and may even be close to $100,000 in some cases. The Great Gatsby movie certainly did not have as high of a budget as some of the headliners out there, but it was extensive enough to bring in some credible actors and give the movie some flair. 

The budget for the movie was just slightly over $100 million. To put that into perspective, this is lower than classics like Titanic, The Lion King, Dark Phoenix, and more. The Avengers: Endgame cost nearly $1 billion to make. 

3. Fight for the Role

When they were casting for Daisy, there were some major names that all wanted the lead. This included Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, Kiera Knightley, and some others. Carey Mulligan won the role based on a former role she had played and how she wore the fashion in that previous role. 

4. Significant Delays in Production

Originally, the ideas for this movie started as early as 2004. Luhrmann started thinking of ways to bring it to life after listening to an audiobook of The Great Gatsby. He immediately imagined Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead role. It was many years later, before the movie came out in 2013. It took some time to negotiate with producers and to get Leonardo on board for the movie. 

5. Ben Affleck Was In the Cast

When filming started, Ben Affleck was the initial choice for Daisy’s husband, Tom. He was set to do the role and had even accepted it. However, he later backed out and decided to go with another option he had at the time. That’s when Joel Edgerton was brought into the role, but it took some time to find the perfect fit to replace Ben. It turned out to be a great switch! 

6. Musical Score and Captivating Soundtrack

The movie needed specialized music, including a unique score that they didn’t borrow from any other film. They brought in Jay-Z to help produce a soundtrack and incorporate a unique sound with R&B notes and jazz highlights that perfectly fit the film. The full soundtrack has some music from artists like Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, U2, and other artists as well, but nothing beats that special score that was so impressive. 

7. Not So Vintage

With a movie like this designed to bring back the jazz era in a film version, you expect to see a lot of vintage costumes and even decor. However, that was not the case. Almost nothing used for the filming and production was vintage. While some things were designed to be a complete reproduction, most items used were brand new and created for the film. 

As far as costumes go, Miuccia Prada designed more than 40 dresses that were used in the film. She captivated the essence perfectly and created a wardrobe that was utterly stunning for the film. 

The movie The Great Gatsby was certainly a work of art. Baz Luhrmann is known for creating films like these. People often question them, but then the release is impressive every time. The movie was the perfect portrayal of romance and the Jazz era that captivated audiences everywhere. 

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