Taylor Swift’s Top 3 Singles of All Time

When it comes to music industry giants, it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is the name that continues to be on everybody’s lips. Since her debut single Tim McGraw hit the shelves on June 19th 2006, her career has gone from strength to strength with 190 chart entries on the Billboard 100. She’s had 9 number ones and 41 fantastic top 10 hits – and this makes her the most charted female artist ever in the United States alone. Her success has reverberated across the entire globe and with this in mind, we wanted to take a look at her top 3 singles of all time, so let’s get stuck in.

1. All Too Well

It’s impossible to mention a top song from Taylor Swift without including All Too Well, because not only does this standout single come with a five-minute and ten-minute iteration; the latter broke records as being the longest song ever on the top Hot 100 Billboard chart. Definitely one for the fans, this is a nostalgic piece invoking feelings of lost love, before opening up into a bitter breakup story. Listening to this feels like watching a perfectly paced movie – in fact, it actually does have a short film to accompany the 10-minute version!

2. You Belong With Me 

One of Taylor’s most unique abilities is being able to write about life experiences and really create a relatable piece of music that resonates. One such piece is You Belong With Me and this is a nod to the high school underdog. Featuring iconic lines and a strong theme, fans fell in love with this tune almost instantly. 

3. Shake It Off 

The preppiest, poppiest upbeat track that really hits home how we shouldn’t take others’ opinions too seriously, Shake It Off is an iconic, timeless tune that will never go out of fashion. Taylor has mastered the art of self-deprecation while creating a stylistic song that appeals to a broad audience – and effortlessly inspires listeners seemingly with each new release.

While we are on the topic of the songstress, have you ever wondered how Taylor achieves her world-famous wavy hair? We’re sure that she uses a beach wave crimper to achieve that desirable, freshoffthebeach look.

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