Dog Month: Meet Biscuits

Close-Up Culture’s dog month continues with this brave and beautiful Golden Retriever!

Tell us about you…

My name is Biscuits! I am a 3 year old golden retriever that loves going on adventures! Even though I am young, I have been through a lot. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with good joints. At the young age of 1.5 years old, I was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia in both elbows, which required major corrective surgery on both front legs and physical therapy. I was told by my surgeon that I was predisposed to joint injuries and that I’ll be battling arthritis all my life. A short 11 months after my elbow dysplasia surgery, my world flipped again.

I completely ruptured my doggy ACL and meniscus ligaments in my right hind leg, making the leg extremely unstable. Another major surgery was required to stabilize my leg with a metal plate and screws. This means at 2.5 years old, three of my four legs have been surgically altered, with a high probability that my last healthy leg will need surgery eventually, but, I’m crossing my paws that I’ll beat the odds! Despite everything I’ve been through the last couple years, I’m a happy boy and my mom still takes me on all the adventures, big and small!

Can you describe your personality?

I am a gentle giant and I am told I have an old soul. I super good calm boy, eager to make everyone smile and feel better. I’m super sweet and love to give cuddles and kisses. I’m a happy go lucky pup, with a winning attitude! I don’t let life’s punches bring me down! If I’m hungry though, I do get a little grumpy… but don’t hold that against me. 

What is your favorite adventure?

My favorite adventure is anywhere with my mom, Summer. She makes everything fun! But, I especially love adventures that involve off leash hiking and swimming! There is just something so freeing about those activities! Plus, adventures are just fun, but half the fun is with the company you keep, too!

What do you value most in this world?

My most precious belonging is my snuggle puppy that my mom got for me when she brought me home at 8 weeks old! My snuggle puppy brought me so much comfort when I was warming up to my new home. It is very special to me, even to this day. It is the only toy that I am super gentle with which is why I still have my snuggle puppy to this very day! I sleep with him every night!

What is your funniest memory?

My funniest memory is when mom would take me swimming in a lake or river and we’d play the silliest game together! I’d stay in the shallow water while she swam out, then I’d swim out and “fetch” her and drag her back to shore! I’ve always thought how funny it was how grumpy she’d get every time I’d get to her and pull her back to shore! For those who’ve never played, it goes like this! First, I stay in the shallow end while mom swims out to the deeper end. Then I start swimming towards her and when I get to her, I gently grab her by her arm and swim her back to shore! 

What does your owner love most about you?

My mom, Summer, loves how cuddly and silly I am! I can always make her smile and laugh, even when she’s super sad or upset, and then I always follow up with some big bear cuddles… works like a charm every single time! She also loves how strong and brave I am. After everything I’ve been through, she’s told me many many times how much I am an inspiration to her. The fact that I’m still smiling and enjoying life to its fullest, gives her strength to do the same!

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  1. Awww! Love this! Thank you for featuring us! Biscuits is such a strong boy and the best adventure buddy a girl could ever ask for! 🙂

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