Close-Up: An Interview With The Company You Keep Star Andrea Cortés

Actress Andrea Cortés joins us on Close-Up Culture to talk about her role in the ABC hit crime drama series, The Company You Keep.

Hi Andrea, welcome to Close-Up Culture. 

Hi. Thanks for having me.

What excited you about being involved in the ABC hit crime drama series, The Company You Keep? 

The moment I finished reading the script I knew this was something I wanted to be part of. I loved the character of Jennifer West and the opportunity to play something different from past roles. It was refreshing to see strong, intelligent, powerful characters being played by individuals considered minorities in this country because we still don’t get to play in these types of roles very often.

(ABC/Christopher Willard) Andrea Cortes and Tim Chiou in The Company You Keep

You play Jennifer West. What can you tell us about this character and your experience playing her? 

Jennifer West is a recent university grad who comes from a family that is connected in the political world. She has had a lot handed to her without wanting it to be handed to her and wants to be seen as the hard working, intelligent young woman she is rather than just a product of nepotism. I’ve really enjoyed playing the confident, outspoken side of Jennifer this season but there really is so much more to be seen with her and the twist at the end of the season opens the door ever so slightly to see what that might be.

I hear the show is very exciting, with lots of twists and turns. What can audiences expect from the season? 

Beautiful family dynamics, sibling love, action, drama, dope costumes, elaborate cons, and just so much of not knowing what is gonna happen next.

What will be your biggest takeaway or standout memory from working on the show? 

The people. Everyone on this production has truly been lovely to work with and that includes cast and crew. I believe we all want to go to a job where we enjoy working with the people next to us and this collaboration has been just that. I will also be forever ecstatic to say I got to work with James Saito because he is the OG Shredder and of course he has had many beautiful performances throughout his career but that one was such a big part of my childhood.

You’ve been back on set as Sofía shooting season five of the FX favorite, Mayans MC. How exciting is it to be back working on the show? 

Mayans M.C. has been everything I have wanted out of a role and so much more. I absolutely love playing in dark, gritty worlds and while last season introduced my character of Sofía – this season we get to explore her on a much deeper level. Elgin James and the writing staff dug deep to give us a beautiful final season to wrap up this story and I can’t wait for us to start sharing it with everyone May 24th on FX and streaming on Hulu.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future? 

To keep telling stories that I enjoy being part of. For this industry to show those of us this country considers a minority as people and not continue to other us. To be in a position where I can put out my hand to pull the next person up. And of course to enjoy life with my family and soak in every moment we have together.

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