Steve Norman – Live Music Review

WHATEVER Steve Norman is on, I want a great big dollop of it. Now. Forever. 

Maybe, it’s the ebullient influence of his younger partner Sabrina Winter who has infused him with new reserves of energy. 

Maybe it’s all a result of healthy long-life genes. But whatever it is, the former Spandau Ballet saxophonist continues to have a real zest for life – and it shows whenever he plays live. He’s phenomenal. He’s dynamite. Spandau on steroids. 

On stage, he’s an intoxicating mix of cheek, charm and rugged sex appeal – and that’s before he has even played a note on his sax or clarinet – or sung a Spandau hit. You can’t help but love him. 

Earlier this month, he decamped to Pizza Express Live’s marvellous music venue in London’s Holborn for a couple of nights. As always, his rocking up meant a packed house with a majority of the audience female – many still in love with  him and the music that Spandau thrillingly brought to the world in the early 1980s. New Romantic. Now, more Mature Romantic. 

There were fans gathered from all four quarters of the globe – New Zealand and Australia included. There was also an army of Norman regulars present, proud never to have missed him play at this intimate venue – and knowing every single word to every single Spandau hit. 

Supported on stage by Sabrina (playing an assortment of interesting instruments) and marshalled throughout by the keyboard and bongo drum magic of the ebullient Joe Bongo Becket, Norman treated the audience to a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Completing the band were Joe’s son Jacob on bass and an understated Luis Correia on guitar. 

Spandau hits such as True, Chant No 1: I Don’t Need This Pressure On and Through The Barricades were sung with gusto and peppered with displays of Norman’s utter mastery of the saxophone. They were rapturously received with many of the audience up off their seats before they had even finished their pizzas – not easy in such an intimate venue designed more for dining than gyrating hips. 

Other standouts were To Cut A Long Story Short – Spandau’s debut song in 1980 – I’ll Fly For You and a groovy I Get Up, I Get Down. A version of Bowie’s Let’s Dance provoked much dancing while Sabrina’s contribution on Nick Cave’s Where The Wild Roses Grow was as tender as it was beautiful. 

Norman always like to surprise his audience – and on Friday night the treat was cabaret artiste Eve Ferret. They sang a super version of Elvis Presley’s Trouble. A nugget of brilliance. 

All in all, a night for letting go of current woes and enjoying the Steve Norman vibe. He’s back at the atmospheric Pizza Express Live Holborn venue in December. Tickets are already on sale.  

I can’t think of a better Christmas hors d’oeuvre. Book now. You won’t be disappointed – just bring your dancing shoes. 




  1. Steve is in our heart and when we’re there we really have to dance and sing. It’s right that he’s brilliant and always cheerful. Us girls coming from the 4 corners of the world do it with so much pleasure. We love the show but we also love the magnificent vibe in between us Spandette girls.

  2. I am one of the “army of Norman regulars” it is always a treat to see him, Sabrina and The Sleevz and I will never tire of him and his music. Equally important to meet up with friends from all over Europe, NZ and Oz. It’s the whole package. Its magic 💕

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