Dog Month: Meet Hermann

Close-Up Culture’s dog month special continues with this adorable Goldendoodle…

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Hermann – or @goodboihermann as many know me on Instagram – and I’m a Goldendoodle! I was born on a sunny Monday the 6th of September 2021 in Denmark and 8 weeks after I moved to my forever home with my parents Trine and Jakob. 

If you’re wondering “What is a Goldendoodle?” I can tell that it’s a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle – however, both my mom and dad are Goldendoodles too. I’m a standard-size Goldendoodle and I weigh 58,5 lbs. and I’m 60 cm tall so as my parents like to say, “I’m kind of a big deal” (giggling).

Can you describe your personality?

My personality is the perfect mix between a “huge loving teddy bear” and “the cool, confident kid on the street”. When at home alone with my parents I’m a sucker for cuddling, even though I haven’t always been. 

As a pup, I mostly enjoyed napping alone in the hallway at home but now I’ve discovered that the couch is rather comfy especially when in the company of humans who can scratch your belly. The same goes for nighttime – I always go to sleep with my parents by squeezing myself in between them in their bed, preferably just next to their heads which means one of them often wakes up next to my butt. Whoops.

Otherwise, I think everyone you ask would say that I’m just a dog who in general loves attention. I love all humans and dogs (mostly – as long as they’re nice to me, I’m nice to them; it takes two to tango, right?) and I appreciate socializing. I’m also quite the food lover and I eat whatever treats you give me so no picky eater here!

Oh yes, and I also like to bark when I’m excited.. and say really funny noises when I stretch but I’ve been told I shouldn’t mention it as something I’m proud of – whatever that means… (I’m super proud).

What is your favorite way to spend a day?

My favorite way to spend a day is together with my parents, meaning they must be off work – I’m a firm believer that we should introduce dog holidays or perhaps even maternity leave for dogs when you get a new pup. Hermann for president in 2024!

Anyway, I like to kick off the day with a walk just to get my paws moving and do my morning business. Afterward, I like to take a little nap before a nice lunch snack. Then, some play time or roaming around the garden keeping an eye on the humans and dogs passing by our garden.

When we reach the afternoon, I like to go on another walk, preferably longer than my morning walk and even better in a dog forest or so where I can run around freely and play with other dogs. Otherwise, a play date at home or with one of my friends is nice too.

Finally, we reach my favorite time of the day – DINNER. I go a bit banana when I get my daily dinner but of course, I do have manners, so I always sit tight and wait until I get a “GO” and I’m allowed to eat. Afterward, I like to relax a bit and perhaps go outside in our garden, watching the sunset and sniffing if there are any exciting ladies in the neighborhood before going to bed with my parents.

If you were going to get in trouble for anything, what would it be?

Oh boy.. this is where I need to be careful. I guess when I was a pup, I was a bit harsh on some door frames during my “home alone time” and I must admit I also have eaten a few shows, especially the nice expensive leather shoes – they do make a fine chewing toy!

Despite that, I believe I’m quite the “good boi” luckily. I do however have an annoying habit where I make a little game out of it when my parents want me to come inside when I’m in the garden. I sometimes “knock” on the door and then when one of them gets up, comes over, and opens the door I take a few steps back and just stare at them. When they then close the door, I knock on it again and sometimes bark a bit – it spices things up. I like to play the game daily and often I need to be bribed with treats before I wrap up the game and come in. I see no point in stopping because I get both some fun time and treats out of it – win-win for me!

Where is your favorite place in the world?

That’s a tough one… I do like it at home and especially in our big garden which is ideal for zoomies and playtimes. However, if I must mention somewhere else, I guess it would perhaps be this dog forest we live close by. It’s huge with a LOT of trees and places to go explore. It’s enclosed so I can run around freely and play with the other dogs there and it even has a lake in the middle for swimming in! Guess it’s the perfect “Mecca” for dogs.

What is your funniest memory?

When I was just a tiny pup at perhaps 11 weeks old or so, weighing maybe 17-18 lbs. I was visiting my grandparents and I was exploring their garden. They have this tiny pond with a few water lilies in it measuring maybe 1 meter in diameter. Apparently, I found it interesting (had to make sure if there were any fish friends down there or so who needed my assistance) and suddenly in a split second, I fell into the pond and ended up splish-splashing around in it because I hadn’t learned how to swim yet and so dad had to come to my rescue. I’m guessing it looked funny because the pond was so tiny!

What does your family love most about you?

I think what they love most about me is that I’m such a snuggle bear at home. I give them hugs every day when they get home – they say it’s their absolute favorite thing after a long day at the office. I can be a bit annoying sometimes but who can’t? No one’s “pawfect”.

Also, I guess I can’t outrun my fluffy teddy bear look which often makes small humans say “IT’S A TEDDY BEAR” and the large humans say “Oh my god he’s precious and SO fluffy”. My parents do of course love my look too but in the end, I think it’s my funny personality that does the trick.

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