Actor Adolyn H. Dar Talks Desi Standard Time Travel

Actor Adolyn H. Dar joins us on Close-Up Culture to talk about his role in the film, Desi Standard Time Travel.

The film follows the story of a new father who suddenly loses his own dad and is presented with an opportunity to travel back in time for an evening giving him a chance to end things on a better note.

Hi Adolyn, welcome to Close-Up Culture. What interested you about the story for Desi Standard Time Travel? 

Desi Standard Time Travel is a story that centers around a south Asian lead and a south Asian family, and so I was immediately curious. When I read the script, my interest turned from curiosity to “I absolutely must do this”. It’s funny, heart-warming, sci-fi (and if you’ve seen the Expanse you’ll know I love sci-fi), and it felt like I could really do the part justice. 

Can you tell us about your character, Imran, and your experience playing him?

Imran is a newly minted father, but right as his own child is born, he loses his dad. Imran at the beginning of the film is unable to process his emotions, and you can feel his anger, sadness, and confusion palpably…and it’s just such a pleasure to watch him resolve those feelings throughout the film by going back in time. That’s right, I got to play a character that  time travels! That’s one off the bucket list. 

What can audiences expect from Desi Standard Time Travel? 

Audiences can expect a movie that will hopefully make them smile, laugh and feel all the feels. It’s a story that will leave you wanting to hug your loved ones . My favorite part has been the conversations and messages I’ve received from people who have told me it’s brought them closer to their own parents. 

What will be your most cherished memory from working on the film? 

So, a short time before I was set to shoot this film, my own father was diagnosed with cancer. And the news of his diagnosis was a harrowing story, perhaps for another day. So as I was filming this role, I was so keenly aware of possibly losing my own father. And so, as tough as that was, playing this part, working with the incredible cast, crew, producers and director, was such a cathartic moment for me. It was as if the universe gave me exactly what I needed, and so what I cherish most from working on this film is that it brought me closer to my own dad and that it taught me the importance of not waiting to say the things your heart truly, deeply, yearns to say to the people you want to say it to the most. 

If you could travel back in time, where would you go? 

Just far back enough to invest in a few key stock tickers… Well that’s a great question. I wrote a scholarship essay once, that (I’m going to be shameless here) that won first place prize and a weee bit of money that asked the same question. And you wanna know what I wrote when I was 18? I said…I wouldn’t go anywhere because that kind of power would require an equal amount of responsibility (yes, yes I know…) and I can’t in good conscience say that I’m that responsible. That’s what I wrote  at 18! And now…years later… honestly…the answer’s still the same. It would just be so tempting… 

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

I hope to continue to be part of stories that are as fun to make as they are important to make. I hope I get to pave the path and act as a representative for other south Asians out there who are on the fence about the arts as a career, and so I aim to wield that power as responsibly as I can (yes yes I know… a call back!).

As for ambition, I aim to lead many more films and tv shows for networks across the globe and be the kind of actor any director or producer would love to work with and trusts with their projects. Oh and, own an animal sanctuary – really that’s what it’s all about.

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