Award-Winning Actor & Writer Heidi Lynch Talks Avocado Toast: The Series

Award-winning actor, writer and producer Heidi Lynch is continuing her mission to advocate for the endometriosis community since being diagnosed in 2020.

The proudest part of her endometriosis outreach journey was writing, producing and starring in the second season of Avocado Toast: The Series, where the storyline dove into the condition raising awareness about endometriosis. The series has now been nominated for multiple 2023 Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Lead Performance for Heidi’s role as Molly.

Heidi joins us on Close-Up Culture to tell us more about Avocado Toast: The Series.

Hi Heidi, welcome to Close-Up Culture. Can you tell us about being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2020? 

Yes! It was shocking and surreal. Having symptoms confirmed and taken seriously was a trip! Surgery wait times are atrocious for anyone because of the pandemic – but I received very good healthcare in two countries and the people that matter most in my life showed up for me 100%, including a lot of my Avocado Toast team. 

What has your journey as an Endometriosis Awareness Advocate been like? 

Wonderful. I have so much time for anyone going through the endo journey. I love Georgie Wileman and her work so much. It is always a privilege to point to her work. Fundraising and spreading awareness for endo research and support is very fulfilling. 

You have written, produced and starred in the second season of Avocado Toast: The Series. What does the series explore? 

Intimacy. Physical and mental health. Self agency. Community. Asking for help.

What was your experience like playing Molly?

It was incredible in good and hard ways. She is an amalgamation of a lot of stories including mine. Playing a lead while show running and producing is always a specific kind of challenge. It forced me to be less precious about my time on screen – and I think that helped my performance. I felt a certain pressure to be inclusive of everyone’s endo stories – and wanted to do a good job for all the endo warriors I love so much. Being nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for best actress is really the cherry on top. 

What do you hope audiences take away from the series?

I hope they laugh and cry. I hope it ignites conversations for anyone who is marginalized by their health. I hope it reminds people that we have no idea what is going on in someone’s personal journey and to be soft with one another. 

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

To continue making important and entertaining work with my production company Bone Vault Inc. To act more – in other people’s projects. To take the lessons from covid forward and to try to leave the world better than how I found it.

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