Why I Stan: Florence Pugh

In this week’s edition of Why I Stan, we speak to the super-fan behind Florence Pugh Gifs about the popular film star.

Florence Pugh’s rise to international stardom has been fairly quick. When did you first become aware of her?

I became aware of her when I heard people raving about her performance in Midsommar.

At what point did you become more of a super-fan?

I watched Little Women and absolutely fell in love. I grew up a fan of the book, and she was the first actor I saw do justice to Amy March. I was captivated by her talent and charisma, and I immediately watched the rest of her films after.

What is it about Florence as a performer and a person that you love?

I love that she’s a character actor and movie star. She easily transforms into any character and infuses each role with a sense of naturalism, but she also has the screen presence of a movie star. As a person, I love how authentic she is with her cooking, dancing, and funny Instagram stories.

How do you express your fandom for Florence?

Through my Twitter account. I enjoy sharing her films, red carpet appearances, photos, videos, quotes, etc. on Twitter for other fans to appreciate too!

What has been your favourite Florence Pugh performance so far?

Midsommar. I still think it’s her best performance. I’ve never seen such a realistic portrayal of grief.

There was a lot of controversy around Don’t Worry Darling and Florence’s relationship with director Olivia Wilde. What was your, and the fanbase’s, reaction to it all?

I can only speak for myself, but I just focused on Florence and her amazing performance. The drama was the elephant in the room, but I wanted to continue highlighting Florence as the star of the movie and not let the drama get me down.

Have you ever had an in-person interaction with Florence? If not, what would you say if you got the chance?

Sadly I have not! If I met her, I would tell her I think she’s the most talented actor of her generation and thank her for sharing her life with us fans like she does.

Florence is such an in-demand star, with upcoming roles in Dune, Oppenheimer, and A Good Person. What direction would you like to see her career move in?

I would like to continue seeing her do a mix of blockbuster films and indie films. I think she would do really well in lighter, more comedic fare too.

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