Close-Up: An Interview With Rising Star Chase Mangum

Rising actor Chase Mangum stops by on Close-Up Culture to discuss his role in the new Peacock docuseries, Paul T. Goldman.

Mangum is known by millions for recurring as Young Martin Riggs on the FOX action series, Lethal Weapon, a role which won him a Young Entertainer Award. His credits also include memorable roles on the ABC hit comedy series, The Goldbergs, and the comedy-horror anthology series, 20 Seconds to Live, among many others.

You star in the big finale episode of the new unique Peacock series, Paul T. Goldman. Can you tell us about your role as Johnny? 

I play the teenage Johnny who is Paul T Goldman’s son. Paul writes a series of books called The Johnny Chronicles where my character is making his way to becoming a detective and following in the footsteps of his father.

What were your interactions like with the man himself, Paul T. Goldman? 

Paul was kind and welcomed me on the set. He’s a very warm and friendly guy. He’s also a lot of fun. Paul told me all about his real son, Johnny, who I got to meet at the premier of the show. Paul’s an amazing and supportive father to his son and really wants the best for his family.

What was your experience like working with director Jason Woliner? 

I’m a big fan of Jason’s work, so I was very excited to be on set with him. His notes and direction were very helpful. He made me feel very comfortable which is why working with him was such a wonderful experience. Jason was wearing a suit every time I saw him on set, and he would run back and forth answering questions asked from the actors and producers with his suit flapping in the wind.

What will be your biggest takeaway or standout memory from working on the project? 

I only saw my scenes and I loved them, but I couldn’t wait to see how everything came together. I was also interviewed about my scene on set the same day I was shooting my scenes which was very cool. I’ve never done that before. Also, Paul asked me to improvise some of my lines while we were shooting which was fun, too.

What roles and projects would you love to take on in the future? 

I’m open to everything. I’ve grown up doing mostly drama, but I would love to star in a show like That 70’s Show. Although I find comedy more challenging, I’m sometimes funny. I think uh…

As well as acting, you have a love for music. Can you tell us about that passion and your band? 

My whole family is musical. I started playing drums at 3 and I never stopped. I began to play bass, piano, guitar and then sing. I was introduced to the bands The Police and Rush at a young age, and they just blew my mind. Some of my favorite artists are Tame Impala, Frank Ocean, Mac Demarco…the list goes on. I like to go out to local Los Angeles venues to watch bands play when I’m not working. I sing, write music and play bass in the band Whim, and we will be playing around town this spring.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future? 

I’d like to keep performing music and continue to be a working actor and stay as motivated and creative as possible.

Title image by Walter Tabayoyong

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