The Event – Short Film Review

It’s 2 AM, and Vince just wants to know why.

The Event sees someone wake up their friend in a panic one night, wondering why they’ve not watched the short film they’ve made. From the logline and intensity of the style, I was expecting something scary to appear in the dark, but instead I felt humoured and seen.

Written by Hugo De Sousa, who then stars, edits, and directs alongside Frank Mosley, this short film is so unique in its story and presence, feeling like the truest film for filmmakers I’ve ever seen. The duo bounce off of each other so well, making us wonder if either character is in the wrong in this story, or just a reflection of ourselves on screen. When opening the film up, I was advised to watch in the dark, which amplifies my point of meeting myself with a mirror. This film stays in the dark, literally and figuratively, so that we see our face peering back at us in the darkness, making us laugh that we will have asked friend’s why our work hasn’t been watched, or even worse, worry that you haven’t watched something that you were sent and there isn’t really a reason why.

The dialogue in this short is so snappy and clever, starting with a metaphor about a friend who makes pasta and developing into a bickering conversation. Each line is perfectly proportioned for us as an audience to see both sides of the argument, but to also allow each character to have their say in a fair manner. The locations are simple and one sided, whether it’s the sofa in the lounge or by the backdoor, but it doesn’t matter where are characters are, or even that we can’t really see them due to it being night and without light. What matters is the conversation and how we perceive each person to be feeling due to our own experiences.

When I clicked play, I expected a slow burn, but within seconds it felt so fast, and was suddenly all over. I wanted more, truly enjoying each part that made me laugh or worry about a friend’s project I may have missed. The Event knows what it is and achieves that in every aspect, making me excited to see more of Hugo and Frank’s work together.

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