Terrible Ideas For Movie Sequels

Hollywood is oversaturated with bad sequels, so Close-Up Culture have decided to come up with a few of our own. Thanks to this tweet from @attractiveincel (great name) for the inspiration!

Manchester By The Sea 2: Whoops I Did It Again

After the tragedy of the first film, Lee Chandler rebuilds his life and becomes the father of three wonderful children. Unfortunately, Lee still enjoys a good knees up and accidentally burns down his house for a second time.

La La Land 2: The Affair

Who really likes an artsy ending? After their longing glance at the end of the first film, Mia and Seb realise their old flame hasn’t died out yet. The two conduct a sordid affair, all while singing and dancing to some catchy numbers.

Mad Max 2: Traffic Jam

Years after Furiosa liberated the Citadel from Immortan Joe’s tyrannical rule, the wastelands have been transformed into a built-up city. The once-barren desert is now covered in an extensive highway network, which is often at a standstill with gridlock traffic. Our brave protagonist, Furiosa, faces a race against time to pop to the shops for milk and return in time to sign off for her Amazon package.

Paterson 2: Learn To Code

When bus drivers are made obsolete by autonomous driving, Paterson is forced to learn how to code to stay in the job market. Still, he enjoys writing poetry in his free time… until he realises artificial intelligence can do a better job at that too.

Her 2: They/Them

When the AIs return from their mysterious absence, far-right transphobe Matt Walsh decides to try out the new software. He spends the next few months talking to an AI and eventually confesses he’s falling madly in love. However, things get sticky when Matt realises he’s been talking to a non-binary AI.

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