25 Best Short Film Performances Of 2022

Close-Up Culture name our 25 favourite short film performances of 2022.

25. Aifang She – Canker

She is great as an influencer trying to live with a troublesome canker sore.

24. Rabea Luthl – Heartbeat

Luthl (who plays Vanja) leads a talented cast in this moving short film.

23. Ade Femzo – Drop Out

Afe Femzo shows why he’s one to watch in this entertaining short.

22. Sukhbat Munkhbaatar – Snow In September

Munkhbaatar plays Davka, a young man who has a life altering interaction with an older woman.

21. Amara Okereke – Jitterbug

Okereke is fantastic as a student on the cusp of realising her dream, only to be hit by some unexpected news.

20. Mucahit Kocak – The Moisture

In this troubling short film, Kocak plays a teacher struggling with a mischievous student.

19. Basel El Rayes and Seif El Rayes – Simo

Simo stars Basel El Rayes and Seif El Rayes as Simo and Emad, two brothers whose competitive rivalry leads to a dangerous situation. Two promising young actors on show.

18. Paula Dinamarca – The Melting Creatures

Nataly (played by the excellent Dinamarca) is visiting her ex lover Leon with her daughter Secreto. Leon is living in a mysterious community hiding from the sun: these reunions will remind Nataly the memory of a toxic and abusive relationship.

17. Irene Casagrande, Anastasia Almo, Sofia Almo – TRIA

Three talented performers lead this striking dystopian drama.

16. Hira Ambrosino – Oyakodon

Ambrosino’s tender performance leads this tale about a Japanese woman who struggles to keep her traditions and her restaurant in a rapidly changing world.

15. Alexis FloydGwafi

Floyd stars in this short about loss and reincarnation.

14. Begoña Suarez – Chords

Begoña Suarez is terrific in the lead role of Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren’s tense short film.

13. Hervé Lassïnce – Fire At The Lake

Lassïnce is the heartbeat of this emotional drama.

12. Burial Of Life As A Young Girl – Luna Carpiaux

Carpiaux stars as a woman having the worst day of her life: while she is recovering badly from a break-up, she has to go to her sister’s bachelorette party in a ghostly spa in the mountains.

11. Kendra Sow – Please Hold The Line

Sow shines as she captures the anxiety of a young scam call operator who is thrust into a moral dilemma.

10. Chloe Pirrie – Left Over

Pirrie gives a memorable portrayal of Nel, a woman who packs up her late father’s home while simultaneously unpacking memories of their volatile relationship.

9. Notice Me – Angela Wong Carbone as Becky

The amazing Angela Wong Carbone makes this list for the second time! A powerful performer.

8. Antonio Marziale and Cole Doman – Starfuckers

Antonio Marziale and Cole Doman deliver striking performances in this excellent short film.

7. Lay Me By The Shore – Kai Smith

Smith is fantastic playing a high school senior in his final days of school as he comes to terms with his best friend’s passing.

6. Aïssa Maïga, Isabel Sandoval, Manal Issa – Maria Schneider, 1983

Maïga, Sandoval and Issa are riveting as they each recreate a Maria Schneider interview from 1983.

5. Judith Baribeau and Rosalie Fortier – A Shore Away

Baribeau and Fortier deliver gripping performances in Gaëlle Graton’s drama.

4. Not Dark Yet – Nicholas Denton as Luke and Richard Moir

Nicholas Denton ( Luke) and Richard Moir (Russell) give touching performances in this short about an elderly man with a debilitating disease who struggles with his son’s abrupt departure.

3. Asja Nadjar – Swan In The Centre

Nadjar superbly centres this film about a junior consultant who navigates empty hallways in search of clients and salespeople willing to participate in her survey.

2. A Better Half – Chris Stack

Stack is brilliant as a chronically depressed man who wrestles with his past trauma and poor mental health as an outcome of abuse as a young boy.

1. Lena Papaligoura – AirHostess-737

Papaligoura turns in a wildly entertaining performance as a flight attendant who is troubled by a new set of orthodontics.

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