Close-Up: An Interview With Artist Renata Langová

Artist Renata Langová stops by on Close-Up Culture to chat about her artistic background and her enchanting work.

Hi Renata, welcome to Close-Up Culture. Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

Hello Close-Up Culture! I am a 31-year-old from a small village close to Prague, Czech Republic. I live in a house with my boyfriend and my 2-year-old daughter, where I also have a studio to paint all the work you can see on my Instagram!

I’ve had many jobs in the past but – even though I went to art school – I never thought this would ever become my full-time job. My whole account started a few years ago, when I did a few paintings for my friends and published them on my @__RenArt__ account. It all started to gain traction when I made an abstract painting for daughter’s room, published it and someone asked me if he could buy it. It was gone in two days.

Back then (around a year and a half ago) I had 100 followers. At this point, I have 36,000 and I am selling my commissioned and freehand paintings to customers around the world. I am basically living my dream.

What drew you to art and painting?

I always had that “feeling” inside of me. I just wanted to express my feelings on the canvas – that was also the reason why I wanted to study at an art school. I love envisioning a painting in my head and then transferring it to reality in the best way possible. 

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as colour-mixing-freestyle. I have a clear idea of what I want to achieve before I start, as knowing exactly how to make the best brush strokes and having a taste for mixing the colors is absolutely necessary to get the best result possible. 

What is your creative process?

Most of my creative ideas come at night, when I can’t sleep. Sometimes I wake up and write down the ideas I was just dreaming about. I am also inspired by the nature a lot, so I am trying to outsource the best of everything I see and transfer it onto the canvas.

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

I would like to make an exhibition, finally. I know that is a starting point for most artists, but from my point of view, this is a point I am still missing, as I don’t have much time for my freehand creations.

I would also like to expand more into the world. Czech Republic is a small place to create and sell. I have a few customers in the States and European Union also, but offering my kind of art worldwide is another goal I would like to achieve.

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