Close-Up: An Interview With Cosplayer Tictac

Cosplayer Tictac joins us on Close-Up Culture to talk about her passion for cosplaying, the good and bad of the community, her love for Leeloo from The Fifth Element, and much more.

Hello Tictac, welcome to Close-Up Culture. Can you tell us about your background and what led to your interest in cosplaying?

Hi James! As long as I can remember, the concept of cosplay has always been an interest of mine, but it wasn’t until January 2019 that I actually took my first steps into the world of cosplaying. I have a very close bond with my little sister, so I actually bought my first cosplay with the intention of only wearing it when playing with her. However, that changed after a friend encouraged me to go to a small cosplay event with her while in costume. After experiencing that event I was hooked and created my cosplay Instagram account that same day. 

What was the first cosplay you ever remember doing?

I wouldn’t necessarily count this as my first cosplay, but I have very distinct memories of dressing up as various characters from Star Wars as a kid with my hair either in a padawan braid or up in double-buns depending on the day. But overall, I would count my Spider-Man suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming as my first cosplay because it is the costume that got me hooked on the hobby. It is a very cheap costume and is not the best quality, but it has a special place in my heart and I still post pictures in it for that reason. 

What do you enjoy about cosplaying and what does it bring to your life?

Cosplay is a fun activity on its own, but seeing kids light up and run over to you for a hug or picture while you’re dressed as their favourite character is a very rewarding feeling. So for that reason, getting to interact with kids is one of my favourite parts of cosplaying. This is especially the case with my Spider-Gwen cosplay because that is definitely the costume which kids seem to get the most excited about. I also just really love being able to hang out and take pictures with other local cosplayers. To me, cosplay brings friends, fun, and a place where I can be myself.

What has been your favourite cosplay so far?

I would say that my favourite cosplay is a tie between Leeloo from The Fifth Element and Spider-Gwen from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I love cosplaying Spider-Gwen because I have the best event memories associated with that costume and I get more interactions with kids while in it. Leeloo is also one of my favorite cosplay because The Fifth Element is my favourite movie and I absolutely adore Leeloo’s character. Both of these cosplays mean a lot to me and I’m happy with how they turned out. 

And what has been your most challenging?

My most challenging cosplay would be Leeloo from The Fifth Element because it required a lot of planning. Leeloo’s character means a lot to me, so I put a lot of time and consideration into where I would buy each part of her costume. Her wig was especially challenging because I first tried to dye a blonde wig orange myself, but I had ordered the wrong type of wig for this so all of the dye washed right out of it. I had an event coming up quickly, so I instead settled on buying a wig that was already orange and styled it so that it matched her hair style. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, but I would like to give dying a wig myself a try again in the near future.

What has your experience of the cosplay community been like?

Overall, I would say that I have had a fairly good experience in the cosplay community, but there is a big difference between interactions online versus in-person. In-person at cosplay events and conventions I have had very few negative experiences. Most everyone I’ve met has been very kind, encouraging, and welcoming.

Online, however, there is more drama, creepy interactions, and occasional hateful messages. While there are definitely a few bad eggs in the cosplay community as a whole and issues that need to be addressed, overall I would say that my personal experience has been positive and I am really blessed to have made so many close friendships through it both online and in-person.

What are your interests away from cosplay?

Outside of cosplay, I really enjoy collecting comic books and have recently been trying to learn how to make digital art. My boyfriend (@azdeadpool) and I spend most weekends looking around local comic shops and used bookstores, which is always the highlight of my week. 

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

One of my main goals with cosplay is to get to a point where I can make most (if not all) of my costumes myself. I think wearing a cosplay and being able to say “I made that!” would just be really cool. I currently do not know how to sew, so it is my goal over the next few years to learn how to do this and hopefully begin applying that skill to cosplay. I also would love to join some local cosplay charity groups and use my costumes to help brighten someone’s day. 

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