Tom, Dick & Harry – Theatre Review

The stage layout at Alexandra Palace for the Tom, Dick and Harry spectacle itself.

Tom, Dick & Harry encapsulates the story of one of the greatest escapes from WWII, with the names of the tunnels giving rise to the plays name. 

The script of Tom, Dick & Harry is enriched by previously classified facts that have been obtained from the National Archives. Stimulating interest in learning more about these amazing veterans and viewing the many documents and resources held at the National Archives makes this an intriguing and thought-provoking watch.

The play is held in the beautifully restored Alexandra Palace theatre, itself having been used as a prisoner of war camp in 1914 and being returned to the people after being requisitioned by the government. It is sensitively restored and the play is staged in the round which adds to the experience.

The play is fabulously entertaining; the script witty and cleverly written. The comedic timing of the actors enhances the script and the plot moved quickly. Focusing on how the prisoners devised their escape with true facts obtained by the production, these truths help to fully appreciate how fascinating this true story is. Their feat was remarkable and the play makes you feel that you have got to know some of the veterans a little with actors learning from oral testimonials and documents to build each character.

The play has some audience participation and we were treated to singing, dancing and acrobatics,  used in real life to ameliorate the lives of those in the Stalag Luft III camp. Using the stage efficiently, combined with innovative lighting and music, added massively to the dramatics.

This play is a triumphant, family viewing in the beautifully restored theatre and a brilliant evening out.  It runs until 28th August 2022 and must be recommended as an essential watch for the historically-intrigued, acrobatically-driven or simply for a family wanting an exciting yet humbling evening out.

More information from Alexandra Palace’s webpage.

National Archives information about Tom, Dick & Harry tunnels.

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  1. Think I’ll go and watch this now as I was worried it might not have much comedy considering the subject. Thanks for the review

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