20 Must-See Movies About College Life

College-themed movies are a popular genre in Hollywood. Whether it’s sport-based, romance, or academics, they always make a good watch. If you want to explore this genre, here are some college-life movies you should see. Plus, here, you can learn more about how to write a film review. 

1. Sydney White

Amanda Bynes (Sydney), a tomboy freshman, has an altercation with Sara Paxton (Rachel), the school’s sorority queen. She then became friends with a group of geeky classmates that helped her get revenge against Rachel and gain popularity. 

2. The Waterboy

Adam Sandler stars as a slow-witted, socially-challenged waterboy (Bobby Boucher) for the dysfunctional football team of the University of Louisiana. After lots of bullying, he enrolled in the college, joined the team and changed the program’s fortunes. 

3. Legally Blonde

This is a girl-power college movie in which an unlikely candidate gets accepted at an Ivy League school to study law. She proves that you can succeed with hard work irrespective of your looks and gender. 

4. Accepted

This comedy is about a group of high school grads that get rejected from colleges, so they made their college. Their school became an alternative college led by students, and it later stood up against the college accreditation standards. 

5. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) spent seven years at Coolidge College. Although he’s a goofball, he also has a good heart and offers useful knowledge to other undergrads. Even though he refused to graduate, he was helpful to other undergraduates like essay writers providing college paper writing to ensure they did well in college.

6. The Rules of Attraction

Camden college has plenty of heat and offers steamy intrigue between three major characters: Sean, the drug dealer, virgin Lauren and bisexual Paul. 

7. Pitch Perfect

This movie has a group of female college singers compete against a rival group of the male singer. With the help of an unlikely recruit, the acapella group rebranded and found a new identity. 

8. Good Will Hunting

A math genius somehow finds himself in the janitor role at MIT. However, with a psychologist’s help, the young man could find his purpose and identity after many struggles and build important bonds and relationships.

9. The Internship

Two not-so-fresh college graduates enroll in an internship program where they have to compete with recent graduates to get the chance to work at a big company. The movie shows new grads’ struggles to get a job.

10. Blue Chips

Pete Bell (Nick Nolte) is a top basketball coach in the country, but his team – Western University Dolphins – just had a nightmare season. To improve the program, he stooped very low to do something he never thought he could do. 

11. Everybody Wants Some!!

This movie is set in the 1980 fall, with plenty of the late 70s and early 80s rock, pop, and punk to narrate how some college baseball players struggled to navigate their way through baseball, school, lust and love. 

12. Drumline 

This is the movie that made Zoe Saldana and Nick Cannon very famous. It’s a big achievement to be a marching band member, especially the drumline at Atlanta A&T. Devon (Nick) learns what it takes to remain on the line the hard way. 

13. Glory Road

Legendary basketball coach Don Hawkins guided his team Texas Western University (now University of Texas at El Paso), to the national championship while featuring a lineup of five black players. This was extremely rare at the time, but the intensity and emotions in this movie come from how these black players handled college life outside the court. 

14. Rudy 

This college movie is about striving to achieve your dreams, irrespective of others’ opinions. Rudy always wanted to be a college athlete, but he was told that he was too small, not smart or athletic enough. So, he sets out to prove them all wrong. 

15. Real Genius

A genius enters college early and attends a popular science-oriented school. For one class project, he and his roommate develop a high-powered laser, but he realizes that their professor plans to steal this idea. 

16. Save the Last Dance 2

Sara dreams of dancing and becoming a ballerina star, so she joins Juilliard – a popular performing arts school in NY. She sets high goals for herself to achieve and does this against all odds in a new environment with help from her friends. 

17. Life of the Party

A middle-aged woman is divorced and returns to school in the same college with her daughter. In this movie, you’ll find inspiration and learn age isn’t a barrier, and you can always find yourself. 

18. The Social Network 

This is a movie about how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook while at Harvard. Jesse Eisenberg’s role earned him an Oscar nomination, with Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, Rooney Mara and Justin Timberlake starring. 

19. Mona Lisa Smile

In an all-girls school in the 50s, an art history professor challenges a group of young ladies. The female professor recognizes her students’ potential and encourages them to be more progressive in their life view. 

20. Revenge of the Nerds

A group of college underdog geeks led by Lewis (Robert Carradine), a computer nerd, and Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) band to form their fraternity, take down the jocks and face men. 


These movies have some of the best college screenplays. These movies captured the essence of college life. 

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