Close-Up: An Interview With Cassie Rose

Influencer Cassie Rose joins us on Close-Up Culture to chat about fashion, fitness, YouTube, and much more.

Hello Cassie, welcome to Close-Up Culture. First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your passions?

I’ve always lived in the same place my whole life, which is a pretty small area.

Going back to my school days I always knew I wanted a job I found fun. As I’m dyslexic, I found school quite hard so naturally I gravitated towards the fashion and modelling industries. I never felt shy or under pressure with my words as my style is how I show my personality.

My passions are genuinely my job and the gym, which might sound cliché. As a child I used to compete in 100m running, so I’ve always carried on my love for sport which is why recently I’ve also added my own workouts on my page.

Can you tell us about your interest in fashion and how important fashion is to you?

My interest in fashion started right before lockdown. 

Before I used to throw together an outfit where the items looked good separately. But now I take time into planning my outfits and making sure the colours coordinate well together.

Fashion is important to me as it shows off my personality. My favourite part is putting together an outfit which I adore and having strangers coming up and asking where the items are from or just even complimenting the outfit – that can really make my day. 

What are some of your biggest fashion inspirations?

I use Instagram as a mood board and I absolutely adore streetwear.

When I go on nights out I definitely have a girly side to me that includes dresses and heels but day to day streetwear is what I feel the most comfortable in, baggy bottoms, trainers is my vibe. For me comfort is key but it still needs to be trendy. 

What is your fitness routine? 

I am a bit of a perfectionist let me start off by saying that, some say it’s because I’m a Virgo but who knows. 

I train up to 4 times a week on average as my job is so flexible it allows me to go to the gym in off-peak hours which I LOVE. I started off my fitness journey just doing lower body as I had never trained in the gym properly before. It wasn’t until a year ago I started lifting heavy weights and set myself a goal of doing a pull up. 

With my routine I wouldn’t say I have a specific one but I train upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week, but if I’m busy I’ll always prioritise lower body workouts purely because I enjoy them the most. 

What is your secret to staying consistent and motivated in the gym?

For me it’s achieving goals, I suffer with body dysmorphia and for those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically where you don’t see your body/yourself  for how it actually is. Going to the gym helps me over come that as I set myself healthy, realistic goals so I always have something to achieve. 

Regardless I don’t let this make me have a bad relationship with training.

When I go to the gym it’s genuinely therapeutic and helps me think, if I’ve had a bad day or I need inspiration for anything the gym is my place to go.

Feeling strong for me is the end goal really and that’s what pushes me the most to be my best self. 

What is your favourite thing about being an influencer and a content creator?

My favourite thing about being a content creator is the opportunities are endless.

Just recently I’ve come back from an ‘influencer trip’ where everything was paid for, which is something I never thought I would achieve – especially in a year! 

Going on nights out with your friends and having people come up to you saying they watch your TikToks, YouTube, have seen your Instagram is so heart warming to me as it shows what I do generally has an impact on other peoples’ lives in a positive way. As I grow that is something I hope never changes. 

And your least favourite thing?

My least favourite thing about my job is the trolls. Something I think everyone has experienced at least once in their life if they’re on the internet. 

I started my YouTube channel 2 years ago, produced two videos and then stopped for a long time due to trolling. 

I’m in a interracial relationship and when I posted on YouTube for the first time we had a lot of racial hate which we had never experienced before. It put me off wanting to post on YouTube for a while as they also moved over to my Instagram, but slowly they stopped and realised their ‘trolling’ wasn’t working. 

As you mentioned, you recently posted a YouTube video about your first influencer holiday. Can you tell us more about that experience?

I went on an all paid trip with partyhardtravel to go out and work in Malta the same way I would in the UK. 

I started doing content creating officially a year ago, so it’s crazy to me that within a year I was given this amazing opportunity and met some wonderful new friends. 

I can either be a very loud, out-spoken person or I keep myself to myself. At the start of the holiday I did think I was shyer than my usual self (who wouldn’t be), but after the first night out where we went clubbing I loosened up a bit and started to meet some amazing girls who I am still in contact with now. 

The whole trip was a dream. 

I have angel numbers tattooed on me, 444, that mean your angels are looking after you, as I had a family member recently pass and I got it in remembrance of them. 

When I turned up to the hotel, as fate would have it, my room number was 444. Malta was their favourite holiday destination and a few of their ashes were scattered there, which made the trip feel even more magical.

You have some really enjoyable vlogs on your YouTube channel. How much do you enjoy vlogging, and what is your vision for your channel?

Thank you for saying that it means a lot that others enjoy my videos. 

I find vlogging the most enjoyable to do as I’m such a chatty person. With Instagram being my main platform, it can sometimes be hard to get my personality across, so involving YouTube into my job really helps my viewers get a better understanding of me and helps brands connect with me better and know who they’re working with. 

My vision for my channel is more to connect with my viewers and share my ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage as they will get the photo content on Instagram and possibly a small 1 min vlog on TikTok but my loyal viewers will get the full version of me on my channel as I can properly express myself. 

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

My plans for the future are big – I have so many doors I still have yet to open. 

Firstly I aim to hit 100k on Instagram, I aim to hit 10k on YouTube (as I’ve just started) and TikTok I would love to hit 500k. They’re my first milestones but with that being said, I want to keep on pushing with my social media career and take it into a whole other level.

Lastly, I want to start doing modelling full time as well. I like to be busy and to be busy with my job is music to my ears, as it truly doesn’t feel like working and I hope it never does. 

Follow Cassie On Instagram:  https://instagram.com/cassie_rxx 

TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8E123Gh/  

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCPHbZ9W4U6qWh8wJnVn5ynw


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