Close-Up Catch-Up: An Interview With Megan Peta Hill

To celebrate five years of Close-Up Culture, we are welcoming our favourite interviewees back onto the site to see what they’ve been up to.

Actor Megan Peta Hill returns to discuss voice acting for EA Sports, working with Cole Sprouse and her exciting role in Apex.

Hey Megan, it’s great to have you back on Close-Up Culture. It’s been nearly five years since our last interview. How’s life?

Life is great! I’m doing really well – keeping busy, keeping active, and spending as much time in nature as my schedule will allow.

You recently starred in the action film, Apex, alongside Bruce Willis and Neal McDonough. How did that opportunity come about for you?

I had worked with director Edward Drake and producer Cory Large on a film a couple of years earlier. They were the team behind Broil, which is a really intriguing psychological thriller. 

Having worked so closely with them previously, I think they were confident that I would be a good fit for the role of Jeza. I was sent the Apex script to read through, and I was so enthralled, I just knew I had to be a part of it!

Megan with Neal McDonough in Apex

Can you tell us about your character, Jeza, and your experience playing her?

Jeza was such a fun and fascinating character to play because she is a huge departure from who I am. She has a strong, commanding presence, and is unapologetic in hunting down what she wants. Among the crew of hunters, she is constantly trying to out-Alpha the Alphas. Which, let me tell you, is not an easy task when you’re playing opposite the likes of Neal McDonough and Bruce Willis!

There is such a leap between who Jeza is versus who I am, I found the process of becoming her to be quite intense. She’s such a physical character, that I really had to prioritize the way she moves, the way she holds herself and her physical authority. That was my way in with Jeza, and music was a big part of that process. 

How did you find the shoot and working in the action genre?

I’m a huge fan of the action genre and loved the opportunity to work on such a physically demanding set. We shot the majority of the film on Vancouver Island that has this beautiful and rugged terrain, which served as the perfect backdrop for Apex. I was fortunate enough to do my own stunts on this film too, which was crazy amounts of fun! 

I’m heavily drawn to action and superhero films. I’m thrilled to be working on season 8 of The Flash as Ten (Wanda Wayland) fromthe Royal Flush Gang. Playing a super villain from the original DC Comics is a dream come true! 

Among the many exciting credits you’ve had in the last few years, I noticed the video games Madden NFL and EA Sports UFC. What do you enjoy about voice acting?

Voice acting is such a pure art form. I have enormous respect for voice artists as they have this unrivalled ability to tell story and connect with audiences with nothing more than their voice. I adore the freedom that comes with voice acting – the playfulness and complete surrender required! My one rule for voice over is, ‘if you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right!’.

My experiences working with EA Sports were phenomenal! They are artists and creatives at the highest possible caliber. What could be more inspiring?

I also noticed a credit in the popular TV series, Riverdale. How much fun did you have working on that show?

That was an unreal experience and an incredible project to be a part of. Riverdale is one of those iconic shows that has been, and will be, a cultural phenomenon for years to come! Being able to play opposite Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) was such a dream – he is really generous actor and a true artist. My character, Cora Carter, is this fierce, complex woman that audience love to hate – she was such a thrill to play!

Megan alongside Cole Sprouse in Riverdale

It’s been amazing to see how well you’ve done over the last few years. How do you reflect on your journey as a professional – and a person – in the last five years?

These last few years have definitely been quite the journey and I’m extraordinarily grateful! It has not been without struggle and disappointment, but I have been extremely fortunate with the opportunities that have come my way. To be an actor is such a team sport, and I am surrounded by the most phenomenal humans (and pug). My family, my team of representatives, and my artistic community are an unwavering source of inspiration and support. 

I would also say that a big part of the past few years has been prioritizing physical and mental health. The investment into a balanced and holistic life has created the greatest infusion of positivity and creative energy in my life.

If we did another interview in five years time, where would you hope to be in your career and in life?

I’m looking forward to talking with you again very soon about some new big projects. I want to tell stories that matter and bring social justice issues into the light. I’m also looking to step behind the camera and direct my first project.

Ultimately the dream is to continue this wild journey that is the artist’s life, and help create opportunities for other upcoming artists!

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