Great Movies About Writers When You Need Some Inspiration

Great movies have proven to be a huge source of inspiration. Whether you are a teacher, actress, student, or essay writer, a good movie is a great way to unwind after a stressful day at school. However, movies also have a way of teaching you writing skills and uplifting spirits, so if you are a writer going through a rough patch, the following films can dispel your writer’s block.

Shakespeare in Love – 1998

The movie centers on how William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. It displays how technical and tiring the writing process can be. The film shows Shakespeare’s battles with writer’s block, eventually finding inspiration and conquering his writing difficulties. This movie is motivational because it shows the great Shakespeare’s experiences and how he balanced his thoughts and calmed internal conflict — similar to what writers go through today.

Adaptation – 2002

Charlie Kaufman screenplayed the movie titled ‘Adaptation‘. He depicts the writing process as a Greek tragedy with a fictionalized version of himself (played by Nicholas Cage) in the limelight. With this movie, Kaufman allows the spectator inside his head and reveals his vulnerabilities. ‘Adaptation‘ provides such an intimate peek into the mind of a writer, that it’s difficult not to experience Impostor Syndrome after watching it. The movie also shows the different struggles and internal fights writers have about what they should be doing and what the audience expects of them.

I Remember Mama – 1948

Katrin Hanson (Barbara Bel Geddes), a young aspiring writer, recounts her early twentieth-century San Francisco upbringing. Her parents are Norwegian immigrants who struggle to make ends meet and give their children a loving environment. Marta Hanson is played by Irene Dunne and is depicted as a wise and loving matriarch who inspires Katrin to follow her literary ambitions. 

Katrin is on the verge of giving up writing after getting several rejection slips. However, she ultimately realizes that, rather than attempting big tales, she should grow as a writer by writing things she is knowledgeable about, like the stories surrounding her every day. The movie, therefore, shows that sometimes, introspection will give you all the answers you need.

Finding Forrester – 2000

Jamal Wallace is a talented inner-city youngster. He meets a reclusive novelist, William Forrester (Sean Connery), who assists him in honing his literary abilities. Wallace chastises Forrester at one point for concealing himself from the world and keeping a closed file cabinet full of journals that no one else can read. He charges Forrester with being afraid to “go out that door and do something for someone else.”

Constructive criticism is essential if you want to grow as a writer, and this movie is inspiring as it demonstrates the critical nature of having a mentor who can assist you. It also emphasizes the value of sharing your work with the public.

Ace in the Hole – 1951

Chuck Tatum (Kirk Douglas), a discredited big-city reporter, settles at a small newspaper company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To reclaim his old position, he sensationalizes a tale about a guy trapped in a cave. Then, he transforms the rescue effort into a full-fledged circus and effectively displays his writing talent. Even though this is a tale that sparks mixed emotions, we learn the power of words and the importance of truthful storytelling from it. These lessons are more pertinent than ever today, as there are emotionally deceptive stories with clickbait titles all over the internet.

Sunset Boulevard – 1950

Sunset Boulevard is, without a doubt, one of the greatest films of all time. It has a lot to say about resisting the temptation to sell out. It features Joe Gillis (William Holden) as a struggling screenwriter who meets Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson), a long-forgotten silent film actress. Norma employs Joe to help her write lines for her cinematic return. Joe knows that Norma’s script will fail, yet he remains with her for the money. The film demonstrates the catastrophic effects of squandering one’s potential and deviating from following personal goals.

It does not matter at what stage in writing or life as a whole you are stuck. The movies from this list will inspire you and prove that even the best writers had their bad days. The lessons from these films will help you keep your head high, get back on your horse, and write your reality.


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